Sunday, June 14, 2015

Goodie Bag

It's up to you to know when a sack full of goodies is really a sack full of empty egg cartons.

Hand Eye Coordianation

Casting For Recovery photo disk finally arrived from the event.  I was nervous looking through over 1000 pics!  I found this one.  I was getting upset and frustrated because i was just discovering 5 years after chemo my brain and hands do not coordinate anymore.  I wonder if our instructor saw.   She basically had to tie all my knots.  All day.

Yoga, heart attack and sore arms

I text my niece "my arms ache. Bad." She text back, "yoga or heart attack". Umm, yoga but saying heart attack makes me feel VERY old.......thanks......where's that popcorn..............

Life isn't static

Learned lot during ny 43 yrs.  When confronted to life changing events one reacts and become better & stronger or either the opposite is chosen from perhaps weakess and fear or belief you're correct.

Life doesn't stay static!!! Those events are opportunities for choice; which reaction you take.  Which road you split.

In turn in the future the reaction/choice  you made in the past will affect those life events, life changing choices you, yourself will be faced with someday.  Your changing event or events --  How will your past dececions affect you present?  Will your choice be different for strength or turn back to fear?  Will you regret the choice made during the first life alternating event and react in a new way.  Or will you be unable to break from perhaps guilt to once again choose a path which will lead you into deeper blackness or a choice you're perfectly at peace with.

(I'll be editing because I have honestly no idea exactly what point I'm trying to make and how to make it.)