Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another Veteran's Day

Freedom.  Service.  America.  Veteran's Day.  Many of Daddy's Navy photos from WW II in Pacific make me stop and think about serving our country and what that really means. The first photo of Daddy in a school or orphanage or who knows what in China, I believe shows a side of service to country to help citizens caught in crossfire of war. To care.

The second, unloading of a tank while the men peer over the back of the ship represents things to come and planning for the what ifs.  Those soldiers are perhaps filled with excitement, awe, fear, regret, pride....probably every emotion possible.

The third photo, of Chinese (I believe) soldiers, exhibits during that time of this war reaching across the oceans on a common cause.  Partnerships built to help people, cultures, belief systems to do what's right and just.  Stop evilness from pervading the world.

I do not bring politics to my page.  I bring pride of a country, pride of the past and immense love and pride and awe toward a man from a little community called Soak in Monroe County.  Daddy.  Glenn J. Maynard. A man who loved his country so much he stood up to help defend her.

"Politics" should consists of emotions and practices from things represented in the photos.  Not from some who have an entitlement feeling of power to control situations which benefit a few.  But instead from those who actually feel unworthy of the position God placed them in to serve many and would also humbly bleed to provide for those in "politics".

I know my sisters would agree Daddy was a great man.  A man I can almost guarantee did not want to leave small Corntassel to travel across America and a sea to a foreign country. But a man, through that trial, taught me you always have to at least try to do what's right.