Saturday, May 10, 2014


My nephew Tanner and I in 1979 and 2014.

Window to the Soul

I didn't post the final copy of "Looking Up" from several days ago.  Just now realized.  Here is the updated:

"Eyes are the window to the soul".  Or "mirror of the soul".  The sayings are old.  And so true.  The eyes are the window to or mirror of your soul.  So much about a person can be told from their gaze. 

It's always been interesting to me that when people hit rock bottom or in times of extreme happiness or frustration they look up.  Look up for guidance. Whether they profess belief in God or not, looking up to God, to the Heavens, is an intrinsic reaction from within.  A need to look up to the Almighty in desperation or in joy I believe He placed in us.

The times I've noticed someone looking down seem to be associated with shame which is different from guilt.  Guilt tends to be an internal, personal feeling when one has violated what they feel is the difference between right and wrong.  Right and wrong is based on the individual.  We all have our on opinions on what constitutes those two things.  Someone who is guilty of something can often still look someone in the eyes.  And lie.

Shame on the other hand comes from somewhere other than ourselves.  It's external.  People who are shamed look down.  I think of Adam and Eve in the garden.  After sin pervaded their lives they felt something new-shame.  I can imagine them cowering in shame covering themselves from God.  Shame at betraying the Father. 

Not everyone experiences guilt in the same ways.  Some do very bad things and never feel guilty.  However, I believe all experience shame at some point or many points during their lives.  Shame which comes from the knowledge, whether deep in the recesses of their mind or coming from the belief in God that we have sinned.  We all look down from the feeling.  Only a few then look up.  Up for hope and in the end, knowledge of forgiveness from the One who can get rid of the shame of life through the blood.  Who will....if we look