Wednesday, September 28, 2016

M. L. Leddys wedding gift

There's a story behind this M.L Leddys reining saddle.  Chris started giving his hand a try at reining in 1994 with maybe two bridles, a Circle M pale blue bumper pull horse trailer, basically a pasture type gelding name Jed, and a old used saddle-don't even remember the type.  Roping I believe.

AQHA show weekends he'd pull out my Price Mclaughlin western pleasure show saddle which I kept in a thick, huge zip up carry saddle bag.  I would agrue about leaving it exposed at shows to theft in the pull out door on the bumper pull trailer.

In 1995 while shopping at the Quarter Horse Congress we browsed the M. L. Leddys booth.  (If you've been to Congress you understand the amazing amount of shopping that abounds!)  Chris fell in love with a reining saddle at the booth.  Leddys aren't cheap so he only sat on it a minute.

Chris dreamed of having that exact saddle.  The week before our wedding Chris came by where my Daddy and I lived. (Chris worked factory life from high school graduation until year 2000.)  As he got out of the car I came out of house saying, "I told you!  I told you my saddle would get stolen.  There's an old, dirty worn out work saddle in my saddle bag.  Someone has stolen my saddle and put that cheap one in the bag to fool us!"

Chris had this terrible look on his face, ran into the house, ripped open the bag and found a brand new perfect M.L Leddys saddle.  He looked at me and said puzzled, "that's a reining saddle??"  Happy wedding day gift hun.

I pulled out the Leddys for some pics.  The now 20 yr old saddle is nasty in some of these pics.  I cleaned up quickly to show some more decent pics.  (Chris, I'll oil it later.)

20th wedding anniversary

It's so surreal that Chris and I's 20th wedding anniversary is falling on a leave for horse show day.....20 years ago today, on a Friday, we married.  We left right after our wedding reception around 11pm for a TQHA horse show scheduled at the old Murfreesboro arena. Today, just like then, we are getting ready for Chris to leave for a horse show.  How appropriate for the event of getting ready for horse show on our wedding anniversary which was our wedding day all those years ago.  Just he and me...with beautiful skies....though different from the heavy rains which fell on us September 28, 1996.  Strangely just the moment I was to walk down the aisle the rain stopped and the sun starting shining. Wonder if there was a rainbow somewhere....Happy 20th anniversary Chris.  I love you....more.

Flames and Ashes

"We may go down in flames together but we'll also rise out of the ashes together too....."   Twitter #quoteoftheday