Sunday, April 27, 2014


Visiting Vonore Baptist with the niece and nephew.  
Amber and Colton.

Courtney's Wedding

A few pics after the wedding.  None of the bride and groom though.  Maybe I can get a photo from Courtney.  I didn't want to snap during the ceremony.

Lake with the Cousins

It's always a good day when spent with our cousins Jeremiah and Sarah.  Disappointed my photos didn't turn out that well.  Something is up with my zoom lens.

Sarah and I.  Love her!

Here comes J & S

Surprise! Future nephew Bryce was on the
pontoon with our niece Amber.

Amber and Bo.  Bo loves the pontoon.

Suiting up!

Ready to go!

Chris liked the sunglasses J&S got at the
"Color Me Rad" run this morning.

Saw the eagle a couple of times. Makes for a great
time for me.

Doesn't quite make it....

Gorgeous night!

UGH!  My camera.  


What did people do without Smartphones
in the olden days??

Me and Christopher