Sunday, May 31, 2015

Emma Lee Hull

But if you build a relationship with your mother-in-law you can love two.  Not a replacement mother but one who loves your husband as much as you love her.  You love your baby boy, Chris, as much as I love you,   Emma Lee Hull.

And although I fail at times I aspire to love Chris as you're an amazing mother who loves her children fiercely (whom I hope is considered one) live an inspiring life and loved by all who've know you and Emma Lee your life touches those who have never met you through stories heard from friends and family and family and friends of what a strong, loyal, faithful friend, Strong Christian and the type of person one would love to be friends with.

(This post cannot express what I'm trying to say.  Maybe there are no words. But the point I'm trying to make is all jumbled up now.)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Soon.  Soon I will write blogs but I feel tired and old.

Blog posts on Diesel's death, Chris's mom's terminal illness, my great niece's 8th grade graduation and several others.

Soon.  I hope soon to feel like writing. ...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spending the Night

Chris's brother Steve has lived with their mama for probably going on 15 years. Chris spent the night at his mom's the other night and plans to as many nights as possible.

As I talked with Emma tonight she asked if I cared if Chris spent the night tonight?   I said of course not and he should do so as many nights as possible.   I told her it was good for him and her...

Chris's mama.

All the family is so devastated about dealing with Emma Lee's cancer diagnosis.  It's almost surreal to think about her dying as she's so healthy, on the outside, right now. Some of the family is in denial, some not facing the reality of life and death.  All tremendously sad with fits of crying spells you fear will never end.

We just talked on the phone.  She had just finished a plate of chicken and dumplings and fussing about the cough I've had for what's going on a month.  When hanging up the nagging thought which continues to persist rises again....what is worse....waiting to watch Emma Lee's health decline unto death or a sudden, unexpected loss such as my brother's, mother's and father's?

All I know is they all suck a big toe.  (My go to, feel bad expression.)

And that's all I gotta say about that.

Four Organizations Accused of Cancer Funding Fraud

$187 million scam for cancer funding

Cancer Scams...

I'm very upset, but not surprised, about the news of four cancer charities accused of $180 million in scams.

Reasons I'm reluctant to give to cancer charities?  Even as a survivor?  These.  I do not support Komen nor many national organizations.   I prefer donations be kept in county.  Unfortunately there are no major fund raising happening in Monroe County to do so.  One local program can assist with gas $.  However there is need for help with co-pays, transportation, prevention programs, dectection programs, Hospice care expenses. The list is so long as to what services locally are needed.

Perhaps. Perhaps research is getting plenty of the pie...

Local funding? Sounds like a blog for later....

Friday, May 15, 2015


Chris's mom's MRI results back today.  No cancer in brain!!!  And she can drive!  Wish I'd had a video of that-I think she jumped up and shouted "thank you Jesus" louder then than any other time when the news came she could drive--as long as she has strength too.  Bless it.......   ha ha  :)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

What to do for Emma Lee

I've been receiving many calls and texts about Chris's mama. Yes. Her cancer has returned. With a vengeance. But right now she is her wonderful,  sweet, perky, happy self.  However,  Emma Lee has been told not to drive. To everyone who knows she has the Hull want to go, go, go gene, not driving will be a difficult adjustment.  She loves to go!  And can conttinue to go, go, go just fine right now with those she normally "runs around" with. Just not as the driver.

Wondering about visiting?  Friends please do.  Especially within next month while she is feeling good.  Go while she's feeling well so she can get much enjoyment from friends.  Like I said, she's ok right now.  For now.

Wondering what to do if you can't visit?  CARDS!!!!  She loves, loves, loves cards.  I cannot emphasize enough how much so.  Thinking of you cards would be wonderful!!  From anyone and everyone who knows her or anyone in the family or friends of the family.

Mail to:  Emma Lee Hull, 102 Hiwassee Dr, Madisonville, TN 37354.

Her son, Steve, lives with her so he'd be a great one to ask if she's needing or wanting anything particular.

Continue to pray particularly for comfort for of course Emma Lee, but also her children who are so beloved to her:  Bridget, Steve, Perry and of course the "baby" Chris.  As well as the rest of the family to whom she is beloved.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Enduring one hardship in life does not make us immune to more.  Stay strong should you be faced with a situation such as that.  Don't become bitter and ask "why me....again.  it's not fair".  Keep the Faith.

Sticking with Dr. Charles

I had written about Dr. Charles leaving Thompson Oncology and my dilemma of following him to UT.

I'm following.   Today was my first day to see him since "the letter" and my potentially last appointment ever with the oncologist who i credit saving my life.  I knew the minute my appointment started I'd follow. But was secure in that decision when, following my appointment, Dr Charles had my mother-in-law for a follow-up to her PET scan.

Tragic news he delivered.   Chris's mother's cancer is back and is terminal.   She has 3-4 months to live without treatment,  7-8 with. As quality of life is preferred the family decided to forgo treatment.  MRI to check brain tomorrow.  Hthospice in home within the week.

What hard news to deliver.  The way it was, even though blunt, showed me Dr. Charles is the oncologist for me.  Hopefully no changes in remission in the future of my life.  However, should there be I'll deal with my aversion to UT then.

Something Wrong

My blog background isn't supposed to be red!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Breast Cancer Myth Article Must Read

Think and worry about breast cancer as most women do?  This myth article is a MUST read!!! Touches on issues such as self exams, genetics and birth control pills.  I rarely use "must read", however I feel strongly about this article and research involved.  But remember it is only an opinion piece as many are.  Let me know what you think in the comments sections!

Five Myths about Breast Cancer

Monday, May 11, 2015

Everyone Loved Lucy

Everyone loved Lucy.  We miss her so much at the Trustee's office and cannot imagine the pain of her family.  Thirty years of dedicated service to Monroe County.  Below is the obituary with details of receiving friends and burial.  Everyone loved Lucy...

Lucille Garrett
Born: January 19, 1948
Died: May 7, 2015
Garrett, Lucille (Lucy), age 67, of Madisonville, passed away 8:05 A.M. Thursday, May 7, 2015 at her home. Member of Watson Chapel Baptist Church & Attended Unity Baptist Church. A 30 year employee with Monroe Co. Trustee Office. Member of the Pilot Club and a past President of the Monroe Co. Republican party. Survivors, husband of 47 years, Carl Garrett, Son & daughter-in-law, Tony & Robin Garrett, Grandson, Blake Garrett, Sister, Diana Martin, Brothers & sisters-in-law, Amos & Barbara Martin, all of Madisonville, Gerald & Judy Martin, Niota, Mildred Martin, Erma Martin, both of Madisonville, A host of nieces & nephews. Preceded in death by parents, William J. (Bill) & Fannie Belle Fain Martin, brothers, W.B. & Dwayne Martin. Funeral 8 P.M. Sunday, Biereley-Hale Chapel, Rev. John Butler & Rev. B.J. Wall officiating. Interment 11 A.M. Monday, Chestua Baptist Cemetery. Family will receive friends 6-8 P.M. Sunday at Biereley-Hale Funeral Home, Madisonville.

Lucy on Sunburns

I have a sunburn on my shoulders.  Lucy hated me to have sunburns and would always fuss saying "Chris shouldn't make you work out in the sun" as she laughed.  I missed that admonishment today and will each time I get a sunburn for the rest of my days. Love you Luce.

Lucy's Burial

Today was a very sad day for a family with extremely close bonds.  Lucy Garrett's burial was this morning. She was a 30 year employee of the Trustee's office of which I was privileged to know for 7 years.  She was was much beloved wife, mother, sister, friend.   I cannot imagine the grief the family is experiencing and will continue to feel for so long.  You were loved Lucy.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I so enjoy seeing all the Mother's Day photos.  The day, however, reminds me of Mother's Day 1990 when our sweet mother died.

Such a special lady.  My father loved her so.  He never dated nor re-married all the way till his end in 2008. We found a small sticky calendar on the dash of his truck right after his death. The only date in the entire, tiny 2008 calendar circled was her death date.  Oh what an amazing love they shared....

I hope everyone has an extra special day for Mother's Day, whether she's there to share or not, whether you're a mother or not.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Oh no! My oncologist!

I'm tragically upset.  My letter arrived.  The letter I'd heard the the grapevine was on its way. Dr. Charles, my Oncologist at Thompson Oncology Group, is transferring to University Cancer Specialist as of June 1.

I have an appointment with him Wednesday - my last to be ever.  I don't want to go.  How do I face the man I credit for saving my life one last time????  Who I would trust to save my life should there be a reoccurrence.  How do I learn to develop a relationship with a new doctor who hasn't been in the trenches with me?  I'll just be a patient who has tests twice a year and a 15 minute follow up.  And how do I even find that doctor?  The doctor who can never really KNOW me.  Who can never understand my corny jokes about "Hooters" and so many other silly things, though Dr
Charles never really laughed or liked them I suppose.  Dr. Charles would only say, "Ms. Marna" with a small smile.  My need to lighten the mood of such a depressing place was maybe at least understood by Dr. Charles.

I'm tragically sad.  Many may not understand.  But if you've faced a life and death battle with one doctor and then follow up for the years since, you'll know, you'll understand the fear that's gripping.....