Monday, March 17, 2014

Survivors Opting for Reconstruction

Good article USA Today:

Survivors Opting for Reconstruction

Farm March 2014

My two year old future reining champion.

Old man Diesel is patriotic. 

Ada Monroe loves her bed in the barn.

Mallie Belle Lovingood

One of my cutest greatest great nieces.   Mallie Belle

Step into Spring

"Step into Spring" at Hiwassee College with brunch and fashion show with The Lily Pad.  They were kind enough to ask me to model and LOVED their clothes.  Wish I'd had better posture lessons before hand.

Me and my nieces and great nieces

Great niece Mallie Belle.  Momma Jessie lets her
roll in the floor I guess when she is bored. lol

She's just so special!

Loved the polka dots I modeled. (Or should I 
say I tried to model.)

Brunch. YUM!

Cute polka dot dress

My fav dress and scarf.  My sweet cousin Sarah
went to The Lily Pad after the event to buy
me the scarf.  It had just sold!  She's so sweet
to think of me that way.

Hat contest number

Me and my sister Lynette and daughter Jessie who is
my niece.  Mallie Bell is My sister Lynette's granddaughter
and of course my great niece.  I love my family.

My niece Amber and sis in law Bridget

I love my family.  They are always supportive of me
anytime I am in need.  I sponsored a table at 
"Step into Spring" for us.
Back row: nieces Amber and Jessie, my sister Lynette,
my niece and friend Jennifer, my sis in law Bridget
Front: cousin Sarah, great nieces Bella and Mallie Belle.
Love them all so much!

Cousin Sarah and niece Amber competing in the hat
contest. Next year we'll all wear hats!

My sister Lynette, me and Mallie Belle