From 2010:
I prefer sneakers to high heels, turtlenecks to tank tops. I like my bras to pull me in not push me up. Pizza isn't at the top of my food choice but love Bert's buffalo chicken. Jeans over khakys and dry cleaning over ironing. Cheeseburger and fries are my favorite food and I was always a cheap date--I don't like steak. I would rather wash dishes in the sink than in the dishwasher. Showers are better for me than a bath. Although a soak is nice from time to time. My preference would be to keep the barn clean over keeping the house clean. I would rather kill mice with poison than a trap. I believe in faith in Truth rather than science. Letting someone else make decisions is easier than picking things for myself. History novels and Expository Christian books to romance novels. Praying over hoping, ignorance instead of the cold hard truth. Talks with individuals over parties with many. Sitting on the side line cheering, not performing. Boxing over football, ice hockey over basketball. NFL football over college ball. Helping others rather than pitying them. Keeping arguments in a relationship private rather than airing to friends. Working hard rather than cheating. Selflessness over pride......

.......the last is a hard preference to live up too. Or is the proper word to?

I was the "Crazy Cat Lady" for Halloween this past year.  Love the "Crazy cat lady starter kit

"Love is not an emotion, it's a choice."  I could write on and on about this but I'll stop now.  The sooner one learns that love is a choice, the better life will be.

"Told the doctor I thought I had athlete's foot. He said, "I don't think you have athlete's anything."  (Not sure where this came from but it's very fitting for me.)

Can you remember the days when you used to get 
charged .50 cents if you didn't rewind?

She looked back on her life and realized that everything 
that happened only made her stronger.
                                          -Author Unknown

*"Don't roll around in the mud with a pig.  
You'll both get dirty, and the pig will enjoy it."
*"Mud slinging with someone only gets you dirty."
*"Idle Hands are the devil's handiwork."

*Not sure where the sayings come from but love the meaning behind them.

One of my favorite TV commercials of all time.

It's not my job to convince someone to come to Christ. It is my responsibility to live a life of witness.  It's God's job to convict.  It's the person's choice to accept Christ or not. 
                                                                                                     - Me

Tell someone they're a cinch to win & they'll sit back on arrogance and lose. Tell someone they have no hope and they'll work so hard to prove their worth they'll win. 
                                                                                                       - Me

"Wag more, Bark Less"

Diesel and Ada Monroe

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my 
dog already thinks I am.
                                                                           -Authur Unknown
Me and Diesel now 10 years old

Paid with salt? Roman soldiers were supposedly paid in salt at certain times. If they did good they were "worth their salt". The word salary is derived form this salt pay.  I love history........
                                                                  -Author Unknown


The term "It's a dog's life makes one think of a beloved family pet being spoiled rotten with nothing to do but be lazy.  Originally this saying didn't reflect or mean a happy life for dogs.  In ages past dogs were not companion animals or pets.  They were used for working and hunting.  If lucky they were thrown table scraps.  So "it's a dog's life" was not one of leisure or spoiling but one of work and struggle. 
                                                                           -Author Unknown


Love their t-shirts

"Behind every successful farmer is a wife who works in town."
                                                    -Author Unknown

Chris working with a yearling-teaching flexion on the ground


If 40 is the new 30 then yield is the new stop.     
                                                       - Me

We're both 40 now-I still stop. Chris still yields.