Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Southern Terminology for Family

In small rural Southern towns it's very important when talking about family to use words "great" and "second", etc.

I am an aunt, a great aunt, and a great, great aunt.  Being an oops, late in lifer baby I've learned the importance of family terminology.

On both sides of my family,  my momma's side and my daddy's I have 50 or so FIRST cousins.  The children of my first cousins are my seconds, children of seconds are thirds and so forth.

Family bonds run deep in our small Southern towns.  When speaking to someone about my family I always, always say "this is my nephew", "this is my niece", "this is my great nephew" "this is my grear, great niece" "that's my second cousin".

In speaking to others, family references are always made in these ways.  Maybe it's our deep family bonds.  Pride in our bonds. Maybe it's a family tree type thing.  When speaking to folks interjecting your place in the family helps everyone know who is kin to whom. Who is who and where they came from and instant knowledge of family history.

I'm posting but this post needs much much rewriting and some additional information.   Stay tuned.....