Saturday, September 5, 2015

Timmy turns 40!

Just a few pics.  I left early with April. 

Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings.  I met (saw) him in an airport once around 2005ish??  I was standing in line to board and turned to a friend who was about 10 people back with my eyes as wide as pancakes.  I whispered "There's Shooter Jennings!"

He said "what?"   I whispered louder (like anyone cared or knew), "Shooter Jennings...Shooter Jennings!" and pointed.   Chad still couldn't understand what I was saying so I ran out of line to tell him "Shooter Jennings! That's Shooter Jennings in front of me!!"

I don't think anyone but Chad and I knew who Shooter Jennings was, but maybe.  Chad said "you HAVE to get his autograph !"  I thought no way, nada.   Me? Yeah, like I'd ever do something like that.

He had big, dark sunglasses on, was tiny and it was probably 1am.  I sat about two rows back and it was neat listening to he and his band talking excitedly over a new record during the flight.  (Not sure the "Carolina" song was on radio yet????)

I called my niece Jessie to tell her I was near Shooter Jennings while getting off the plane.  Jessie was engaged to Jason at that time, I think, and Jason loved Shooter Jennings music. Jessie said, "Marna, you HAVE to get his autograph for Jason!"  Or maybe Jason heard and said that I had to get his autograph.   It's been too long to remember. I said, "I dunno..."

Well, through a set of doors we went and he was alone with his back turned.  Bashful and shy I managed to steel myself up and walk over to him.  At the wrong time!  He was adjusting a big ole outlaw type belt buckle, his shirt and jeans. Thus the reason his back was turned to everyone. (Blush inserted here).

Mortified I blurted out,  "Mr. Jennings, my soon to be nephew is a big fan.  May I have an autograph for him?"

Geez I thought to myself.  He's probably thinking, who is this woman and I guess she's not a fan because she asked for the autograph for someone else.  "He said sure!" while finishing buckling his buckle  (me, mortified still) and signed something I had.  What?  I don't remember....

I turned to get outta there thinking Jessie Hutsell Lovingood you better appreciate this and Shooter Jennings did you not learn anything from your dad's life - I hope those big black sunglasses were for being "cool" and incognito, not from drugs at 3 am in the morning.  What would Waylon  and Jessi Colter think?  ;)

Oh, btw, I was then and still am a SJ fan.  The autograph wasn't just for Jason.  If I weren't a fan and if it was only a task for Jason, I wouldn't have been so nervous and reluctant and accosted him.   Geez.   What a moment for memories.   Maybe I'll go to that concert......