Saturday, April 19, 2014


My best friend from high school and I began reconnecting a year or so ago.  We still weren't able to meet very often but had a great time when we did.  Wow what a memory she has.  I barely recall most of the stories she tells of the 80's.

Stacy has had a tough year.  And a tough week.  I treated her to dinner at our favorite restaurant from high school.  Chili's.  Afterward Stacy wanted to go to movies and see.... "Divergent".   Oh. That just makes my fourth time.  But Stacy rarely gets to go to the movies so I let her pick.

Such fun!  Can't wait to treat Stacy to another night out.  She deserves it.

Boring Bob

Hair cut today.  For some odd reason I lost nerve for my old favorite short do.  It's been over a year of growing my hair.  Rose was excited at the thought of the old me who used to change my cut/style every three months or so.  I've had EVERY hair style.  Every.  Including bald!  Ha!   Ended up with my short boring bob....  :(

Maybe I'll go back and have Rose cut away to get the style I had planned....

Below are some of my favs.  I've had every one at some point.

This is the cut I wanted today. 

I've copied your hair sooo many times!

Loved this and kept for some time.  Although I let my bangs grow longer.

So cute.

Had this cut as well.  Never quite styled this way.  But love the messy look.