Sunday, May 4, 2014

God's Not Dead

My great niece and I went to the movies tonight.  Bella and I both got teary eyed and both agree "God's not Dead" is an excellent movie and that God's not Dead.


Last Night

Yesterday evening after a full day of planting flowers and turning horses in and out and a few other barn chores my 12 year old great niece text to see if I wanted to go eat.   She had just got home from her soccer game in Chattanooga and was hungry.   I text back and said sure.  Where?   Bella said The Beach.

Bella text a few minutes later and asked if her sister could go.  I said sure the shafter could go. She usually doesn't go anywhere if Bella is along. They bicker too much.  But I guess for a burger at The Beach she could tolerate her little sister for a while.

When we got to The Beach we saw what we were afraid we'd see.  A super duper looong line.  So I asked if we could go somewhere else.   We ended up at the Dinner Bell in Sweetwater where I asked the question "if you could only have one food for the rest of your life what would it be?"

Chelsea asked if they could have condiments.   I told her it didn't really work that way but yes. So she picked chicken.   I picked potatoes.   Bella picked broccoli and cheese soup with bread.  I told Bella couldn't have bread.  That's it's own food.  And she and Chelsea started the bickering.

I told Bella she could have bread if I could have butter and milk for my potatoes.   And salt.  I don't believe Chelsea liked our little agreement.

During all the driving to and from Chelsea and I would play music sort of like we did the night before.  But now with a 12 year old in the car I wasn't sure what to play so Chelsea would say yes or no when I started a song.

When we got back to their house to drop Chelsea off (Bella was spending the night with me so therefore she wouldn't) we chatted a minute in the car.   Bella told Chelsea "move Chelsea!  I want my Marna time".  Awwww.....I'm not cool but hey, I'll enjoy thinking I am because in a few years they're going to figure out what I already know. I'm pretty boring.

In church parking lot...

At church this morning.   Cool.  Great day for lake afterwards.   Wish Chris wasn't out of town.  Course.....I could always take the boat out myself........