Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Enduring one hardship in life does not make us immune to more.  Stay strong should you be faced with a situation such as that.  Don't become bitter and ask "why me....again.  it's not fair".  Keep the Faith.

Sticking with Dr. Charles

I had written about Dr. Charles leaving Thompson Oncology and my dilemma of following him to UT.

I'm following.   Today was my first day to see him since "the letter" and my potentially last appointment ever with the oncologist who i credit saving my life.  I knew the minute my appointment started I'd follow. But was secure in that decision when, following my appointment, Dr Charles had my mother-in-law for a follow-up to her PET scan.

Tragic news he delivered.   Chris's mother's cancer is back and is terminal.   She has 3-4 months to live without treatment,  7-8 with. As quality of life is preferred the family decided to forgo treatment.  MRI to check brain tomorrow.  Hthospice in home within the week.

What hard news to deliver.  The way it was, even though blunt, showed me Dr. Charles is the oncologist for me.  Hopefully no changes in remission in the future of my life.  However, should there be I'll deal with my aversion to UT then.

Something Wrong

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