Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Heels? Me? No way.  These are more my speed.....

Southern Gentlemen and Politics

Had the sweetest thing this morning at just the right timing.  An older gentleman stopped by the office to meet me.  He told me that he was of a different political party and he usually doesn't vote for those with no opposition.   However someone told him to give me a courtesy vote, as he called it. He said he'd only heard good things about me so he did.   

How sweet.  How nice.  And how I needed to hear I am doing a good job after two days of berating by a tax payer.  Those kinda days make me second guess myself-how I can do better, what I say and shouldn't say.  

Luckily in my time as Trustee since 2008 I can count on one hand those who have been nasty to me.  That, to me, says a lot about our wonderful county and the Southern politeness which runs deep.  Where most men know there are ways you do not speak to a lady.

Today one of those real Southern Gentlemen took the time to let me know he was basically proud to throw a vote my way.  Even though I didn't need it.  Even though he was of another political party.  

I enjoyed our little political chat and would love some others with him.....