Friday, February 28, 2014

Because They're Sisters?

Chelsea's night.  Why can't I get my great nieces to spend the night with me on the same nights?  Maybe because they're sisters??

Red Dawn

Tonight is my great niece Chelsea's night to spend the night with me since she refuses to come on Bella's nights this week.  They are so funny.

Chelz and I went to Fuentes after we both got off work.  Then to rent a movie.  I forced her to go into an actual video rental store and not just a Red Box.  The reason?   Red Box doesn't have the movie "Red Dawn" which I forced her to watch and she loved.

Chelsea loved the movie so much I told her she needed to watch the original "Red Dawn" from the 80's.  Her response?   "I'd be bored Marna."

Really?  Did she just say that?

Chelsea's id badge 
which she bedazzled.