Friday, March 4, 2016

She bought me braces.....

*She bought me braces".

Probably the absolute,  sweetest thing I've ever heard.

As you know Chris has spent almost every night with his mom since last spring when she received her terminal cancer diagnosis.  About three weeks ago while Emma Lee was still walking well on her own she had a bout with her bowels.

When their parents grow old and adult children must clean them it's said "well, they changed my diapers, it's up to me to return the love."   Or something to that effect.

When Chris told of having to help his mom in the bathroom he didn't say that.  Chris said, "well she bought me braces".

Now some may only laugh at that, and so did I.  However there is something deeper to that expression.  To me it says my husband just isn't returning an obligation of appreciation for her care of him as a baby, but an appreciation of all his precious mother sacrificed over many years.

"She bought me braces....."

(Photo is from last June.  Chris drove to his mom's in the middle of a horse show to visit.  Then all the way back for rest of the work weekend.)