Monday, April 6, 2015


Well.  Saturday night I had a pretty bad seizure at a red light in Knoxville on Lovell Rd.  I "rolled" into traffic or into a car.  Not sure.  The police report will be released tomorrow, I believe.   I had two seizures about six years ago but none since. Medication has controlled.

Quite a night. Coming "awake" in an ambulance as workers trying to make you understand while going through your purse in order to try and find someone to call.....not a positive experience to say the least.

Emergency workers, police officer, and nurses at Tennova were great from what I can remember.   However, I barely recall the doctor and am thinking he was impatient?

Anyway, my guardian angel was definitely watching out for me.  Had I been driving on Interstate I may not be writing this.

My car.  (Hoping the other was not hurt.)

Maybe I'll write more later.....