Monday, October 19, 2015

Pink Regulations

There are no government regulations on "pink" sales.  This video is great about educating before buying pink - interesting NFL stats. Don't waste your $$ to buy a pink product just because it has the pink ribbon and you assume all the monies support a breast cancer cause.

If I see a shirt in pink during October I'll buy it.  But if I see two different pink shirts I like in October I'll try to choose the one that at least gives some $ to breast cancer charities support.  I know maybe I'm not "choosie" enough.  But I don't trust a product just because of a ribbon or waste my $ on something pink because I feel obligated too.

One day Chris and I were shopping and the lady asked if we'd like to donate a dollar toward breast cancer research.   Chris told the poor lady, "we've donated enough".  Bless her.  She looked surprised and didn't know what he meant.

(Plus. I really don't buy much pink at all. Ha ha)

NFL is covered in pink...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Oncologist

Tomorrow is my every six month Oncology appointment.  It's a dreaded one.  I'll have a new doctor as my beloved Dr. Charles has moved practice to UT.

A woman doc.  Hmmm...wonder if there'll be a difference between male and female oncologist for breast cancer?   We'll see I guess.

The appointment will be quite, really awful. Dr. Charles had been my mom-in-law's oncologist for lung cancer.  How strange it was.  Dr. Charles my doctor since 2010 then in 2013, I believe the year, Dr. Charles had become Emma Lee's as well. Six months ago we scheduled our appointments on the same day. I was told to schedule my next checkup in six months.  My mom-in-law was told she was terminal.   Her cancer was back and had spread from her lungs into liver.

Emma is 79.  She'd not wanted chemo after having half her lung removed.  I guess it was from memories of her precious sister, whom she spoke with everyday, dying of terminal breast cancer in 2011ish. Memories of pain and suffering.

(Forgive me of unsure years. I'm horrible at remembering dates. To me most dates are of moments best left not to be relived.)

So. Tomorrow is a double whammy.  A new doctor. But more importantly a visit to the office that fateful day six months ago....

A blog post link from 2012 about my mama and second mom, Emma Lee Hull. ....
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Friday, October 2, 2015

Captain Ds with Chris's mom

Nana bought today.  I don't like her to.  But my birthday is coming and she wanted to treat me with lunch so I let her.

Do you notice something? 
Chris's mom hates waste so
she sticks the gum she's been
chewing on the side 
of her food container. 
 Then begins to chew after dinner.


Bought a Ranger for farm. Should have had years ago.

Nieces playing and hauling 
few bales of hay for me.

Taking Chris's mom around farm
in the Ranger.

2015 Knoxville zoo trip

only zebra to be found 

elephant,  one favorite 

reason to visit.  Two baby gorillas!!! I could 
have sat an watched all day long hadn't the
kids elbowed me out!

September 28, 2015

Happy anniversary Chris!  ♡♡♡♡  1996 wow.  Where has time gone?  (Um. Yeah. Big hair, big dress, big flowers were all the rage way back when...)

Successful reining

Chris's customers and horses had a great weekend at the reining horse show.

Cora Veal Senior Citizens trip

Cora Veal Senior Citizens trip with mom-in-law to shop in Georgia.

Crab leg attack!

Amber (niece), Chris and I to Cherokee,  NC for Sunday seafood bar at Harrah's.  Chris was attacked by a plate!  Picked one up and shattered in his hand.   Soon found out Harrah's has their own EMS.  Who would have thought?

More blood than you can imagine! 

Chris didn't let him slow him down
 Luckily he was finished with messy crab legs and on to the steak!

Day trip with great nieces

Started in Vonore at the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum festival.  Across 441 to eat crab legs in Cherokee, NC (no joke), back across 441 to Cade's Cove.

Sequoyah Birthplace Museum festival 

Me and the greats. 

Yummy crab legs.
Cherokee,  NC

Sequoyah Birthplace Museum festival 

Elk near Cherokee, NC 
on 441

Across 441

Great nieces 441

Cade's Cove 

People chasing momma bear and 3 cubs in a tree.  Spoiled the day for us.  And the bear.

No photo can do the Smoky's justice.   
I didn't try.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A few pictures. .

Few pictures of Chris's clinic near Nashville a month ago.

Twins and their books...

One of funniest ever.   Friend and her twin sister inadvertently bought each other the books.