Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Selfies, Nieces and Movies....

Selfies can be wonderful.  Weekends I spend with my great nieces, Chelsea and Bella, remind me of times spent with my nephew Tanner and niece Jessie.  Chelsea and Bella aren't always up for pictures but I tell them they are for memories.

While at the movies with Bella today I thought back to a movie date with Jessie.  She was around the age in this photo in 1986 or 87. We were at Foothills Cinema to watch a showing of "Bambi".  While in the restroom Jessie dropped our popcorn as I washed my hands.  There were other people in the restroom and I think it embarrassed Jessie.  HUGE tears threatened to spill from her eyes.  I did my best to comfort her, saying something like, "it's okay. It doesn't matter Jessie". As I cleaned the popcorn up she managed to hold back the tears.

Then movie time.  Of course Jessie knew the story of "Bambi ".  Right before Bambi's mother was shot Jessie climbed in my lap.  All was quiet in the theater.  A little boy a row in front of us looked at his dad and asked "where did Bambi's momma go?"  Jessie looked back at me and kinda giggled at the little boy.  I think that was her way of not crying.

Selfies in the 80's?  What a great thing they would have been.  I could have had them of Jessie and I just as I now have them of Chelz and Bell.

Selfies aren't always a bad thing....

Jessie around 1986 or 1987.