Thursday, May 1, 2014

Breakfast and Tcaps

Bella and breakfast....

Bella is in 7th grade and I suppose 7th graders have breakfast before leaving for school.  I wrote in a previous post about Bella and breakfast and toast.

Tonight while we were at Bert's Bella mentioned breakfast.   Bella said "Marna, kids need breakfast this week.  For Tcaps."  Soooo.... I went to Walmart and bought muffins.

Bella Tonight

My great niece Chelsea spent the night with me last night.   Tonight it's her sister's turn since they won't stay together.   Bella and I had a buffalo chicken pizza at Bert's, went to Walmart to buy cheesecake,  trash bags and muffins and get couple movies from Redbox: "World Wide Z" and "Thor".

Bought a pack of two pieces of cheesecake so we wouldn't be tempted to eat to much.

Nice Afternoon

Had a great afternoon and evening.   My nephew Colton and I battled the rain to snap a few photos for his graduation invitations from Sweetwater High School.  Then we had a great supper at the Dinner Bell (shop local!) where I ate waaaay to much.

My great niece Chelsea is spending the night with me.  She's working on college homework while I pop popcorn and fix her a Propel.  (What a great aunt I am. Though I do not fix breakfast.) I've taught her that we eat popcorn and drink Propel as a nightly bedtime ritual when she's here.

Chelsea is mad that I took photos of Colton and not some of her for pre-high school graduation in 2012.  I told her she didn't ask.  I did take photos at her actual graduation.   Well of family which were there.  So that doesn't count.

Chelsea says I am being distraction.   I told her I was sorry and will go she is asking what I'm blogging and I told her to do her homework.  Wouldn't want to be a distraction. Smarty.