Thursday, May 14, 2015

What to do for Emma Lee

I've been receiving many calls and texts about Chris's mama. Yes. Her cancer has returned. With a vengeance. But right now she is her wonderful,  sweet, perky, happy self.  However,  Emma Lee has been told not to drive. To everyone who knows she has the Hull want to go, go, go gene, not driving will be a difficult adjustment.  She loves to go!  And can conttinue to go, go, go just fine right now with those she normally "runs around" with. Just not as the driver.

Wondering about visiting?  Friends please do.  Especially within next month while she is feeling good.  Go while she's feeling well so she can get much enjoyment from friends.  Like I said, she's ok right now.  For now.

Wondering what to do if you can't visit?  CARDS!!!!  She loves, loves, loves cards.  I cannot emphasize enough how much so.  Thinking of you cards would be wonderful!!  From anyone and everyone who knows her or anyone in the family or friends of the family.

Mail to:  Emma Lee Hull, 102 Hiwassee Dr, Madisonville, TN 37354.

Her son, Steve, lives with her so he'd be a great one to ask if she's needing or wanting anything particular.

Continue to pray particularly for comfort for of course Emma Lee, but also her children who are so beloved to her:  Bridget, Steve, Perry and of course the "baby" Chris.  As well as the rest of the family to whom she is beloved.