Monday, May 5, 2014

Frank White's Funeral

Frank White's receiving friends and funeral were tonight at Hopewell Springs Baptist Church.  He was 83.  Graveside and burial is Wednesday at Hopewell Cemetery.  Why Wednesday and not tomorrow? Tomorrow is election day.  Frank was a dedicated Republican who served as Monroe County Sheriff and also County Court Clerk during his career.   Family say he wouldn't want to be buried on election day.  Instead they encourage others to go vote in remembrance of Frank.

I think of my good friend Darlene.   A woman of great faith.  Darlene's mom Nancy died several years back at home.  I remember going to visit Darlene and going to the bedroom to see Nancy. I felt so badly for Darlene.  I had lost my own mother many years before.  Now, after this week, we've also both lost our fathers.

I guess we could be considered orphans now. Even though we are adults.  But orphans all the same.  I don't know how being orphaned as a child feels.  I only have an adults perspective.   Either way, at any age, it stinks.....