Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Six Month Checkup & Vitamin D

My six month oncology checkup went great last week.  Blood work was perfect.  Well.  Nearly perfect. My Vitamin D is low again.  So back on 50,000 iu a week for three months.

Only advice I freely give about breast cancer?  (And even if you haven't had cancer.)  Watch your Vitamin D levels.  Especially if you are high risk for re-occurrence like me.

However,  also remember you CAN take too much Vitamin D.  Just like all supplements you should consult your doctor first.  A simple blood test can tell you if your Vitamin D level is okay or if you need a supplement.  

I've several blog posts on the importance of Vitamin D and the prevention of cancer and in also reducing risk of cancer returning.  Maybe those will be informative if you want to research more.  I've posted several links to studies concerning Vitamin D and its relation in fighting cancer.

Another great thing on Memorial Day weekend.

Gun permit class.  Scored 100 on target.

Memorial Day weekend 2014

Chris had family in from Texas and Virginia.   Took a few to lake on Saturday.

The Beach Memorial Day 2014

Great end to Memorial Day with burgers, hot dogs,  and ice cream at The Beach.

Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day at the lake with some of the family.