Saturday, September 27, 2014

True Sportsmanship

Well, I've never had a true Internet rant. But after only a few hours of sleep last night in a house with no air-conditioner I really don't care.  I am rarely ever angry.  I didn't even have real anger toward my cancer.  But I do have anger toward the subject of my rant.

First off I FULLY support hunting!!  Kill all the deer you want.  I do not care!  What totally irritates the life out of me?  Poachers.  Bow season opened today right?  Not high power rifle?  Sorry if I'm mistaken.  But poaching is poaching no matter bow or muzzle loaded or whatever season.

I have friends and family who are true SPORTSMEN.  They abide by the rules and law.  And then we have the poachers.  Those who do not.  Maybe they aren't good hunters and can't hit with a bow?  I dunno.  Want to know why I hate poaching?  Because of poachers the sportsman who follow the rules and laws miss many of the good, big doe and big buck because the poacher has already taken them.  It's not fair!!!  It's not fair for a poacher to go out and get all the nice deer and only leave the spoils to the SPORTSMEN!  It's not fair.  It's not right.

Nor do I like the fact that poachers are so bound in bloodlust they forget it's dangerous and stupid and illegal to be 200 feet from my house and shoot a doe with a high powered riffle on land they do not own in bow season TOWARD my house.  (That was last year.  Who knows what will happen this year.)  Mr. T said "pity the fool".  Pity the fool who "accidentally" shoots one of our horses or dogs or a customer's horse.  Or me.  Remember poor little Carl on "The Walking Dead"?  Hunters MUST remember that when you shoot you must be aware of whats around.  Bullets can and do go through deer.  Or hunters miss their target and have a stray bullet.  What if that had happened last year 200 feet from my house on the land that was not owned by the hunter, I mean poacher, toward my house??  I might have ended up like Carl on "The Walking Dead".

Forgive me now for my first and last rant on Facebook.  But poachers remember, you aren't flicking your finger at the law because it's your "right" to hunt.  You are breaking a law that is there for safety of others and it's YOU taking away a sportsman's RIGHT to hunt and get some big prizes.

 That is all.