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Keep up with things to do, places to go in East Tennessee!  Check often for updates on things recommended!

In no particular date order.....newest additions at top.....

Election Day is Tuesday May 6, 2014!!!
Remember,  voting is your voice.  Make sure it's heard Tuesday. 
Ramp Festival!  April 26th. 
Ballplay at Friends Meeting Ballplay Church and grounds.  10 am until 4 pm. 
423-295-2434 for more information.   

Beautiful weekend coming up to be outside!   Weekend of April 25.  Shop local/tourism local.  Need ideas?  Here are a few:
*Have a Beach burger or hotdog by the rive in Tellico Plains. Then drive up to Bald River Falls and the Fish Hatchery.  Make sure to see Green Cove Pond too.  Maybe you'll see some tadpoles.  They're the biggest I've ever seen!  You'll also see hawks and be careful, a snake or two.  
*Or pass the Bald River Falls road and go to Indian Boundry to walk around the lake.  Or take your bicycle and bike around.
*Stop by the Beach on your way back down the mountain and have an ice cream.
*Vonore area? Grab a burger from Sloan's or the Shell or Hardee's and drive to Fort Loudoun with friends or family.  Or pack a picnic.  (I prefer a burger. I'm horrible.) Take a walk on the trail while there and tour the Fort.  It's probably too cold for most to swim.  But fishing is nice.  Just get your fishing license! 
*Drive to Citico from Vonore.  Have a picnic by the creek or cook out at a camp ground. 
*Madisonville area?  Picnic or take a Subway to Kefauver Park.  Walk the trail.  Go fishing.
*Sweetwater?   The Lost Sea!  Don't want to go in cave?  There are shops and picnic areas.  And a grill/restaurant-I love their cheeseburger of course.
*Sweetwater Flea Market.   I haven't been in years. It's always fun though.

Well.  There's a few ideas.  Monroe County offers so much!  No reason to travel.  Explore your home.

May 2, 2014
Relay for Life at Hiwassee College

February 8, 2014
Republican Lincoln Day Dinner at Sequoyah High School.
Tickets $25

April 3, 2014
"The Cooke Book: The Music of Sam Cooke"
Hiwassee College, Madisonville,  Tennessee

March 15, 2014
"Step into Spring" brunch and fashion show. 10th year anniversary.  It's always a lot of fun. Great food.  Great fellowship.  Ladies hat contest. Beautiful fashion.   For some reason I'm being asked to model for a 2nd time.  We'll see...
Hiwassee College, Madisonville,  Tennessee

March 6, 2014
Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks
Hiwassee College, Madisonville,  Tennessee

February 8, 2014
Monroe County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner
Sequoyah High School 6 pm
Tickets $25 and may be purchased from the Monroe County Republican Women's group or party members.

February 1, 2014
Missoula Children's Theatre: Robinson Crusoe
Hiwassee College, Madisonville,  Tennessee

January 19, 2014
"An Evening with Molly Ringwald"  3:30 pm at
Hiwassee College, Madisonville,  TN

January 18 & 19, 2014
RAM Remote Area Medical at Sequoyah High School. Free medical, dental and eye care to those in need.  First come first serve.  So proud of friends who have worked for over a year to gain approval and the plan RAM in Monroe County, Tennessee
photos from Saturday:

January 17, 2014
"Praying across Tennessee" 2 pm Monroe County Courthouse,  Madisonville.

October 3, 2013
"Taste of Monroe"
Madisonville Downtown 
4:30 - 7:30
Bring your appetite and sample the best of Monroe County. Featuring area restaurant and specialty groups.  Tickets $10???  I think

September 6-15, 2013 

Tennessee Valley Fair 
I love the fair!!  What do I love about it?  The petting zoo, the photography exhibit, Jacobs Building, cattle barns, rabbit/chicken barns, funnel cake and cotton candy to go.  Then I'm ready to head back home.  
Tennessee Valley Fair

August 10 & 11, Sept 7 & 8, Oct 5 & 6, Nov 9 & 10, Dec 7, 2013
18th Century Trade Faire, September, 2013
Christmas Garrison at Fort Loudoun December, 2013
Garrison weekends at the Fort are so much fun!  Re-enactments, life of the times is recreated, all in costume.  
Link to Fort Loudoun:
Fort Loudoun

August 2nd
Rodeo in Sweetwater, TN. Rodeos are always fun!

July 6, 2013 
UFC 162 Silva Vs Weidman.  Cheering for Weidman in our house!
Pay per view event

July/August 2013
Start planning a trip now to bike the Virginia Creeper Trail

The VA Creeper Trail is 34 miles beginning in Abingdon, VA.  It's a former rail bed and is easy biking for family and friends.  Beautiful scenery along the way of biking through woods, fields, over bridges and much more.  Visit the link above for more information.  I've never been on this adventure but have known many who have.  They all loved the time spent on the Creeper.  I can't wait to go this fall when it's not quite as hot.

July 14, 2013
Hiwasse Riverfest
B&B Marina
Charleston, TN
Wakeboard Tournament 

July 6, 2013
Rockin The Docks 
Lenoir City, TN
Music and bands start at 4 pm.  Fireworks at 10.  I've never been to either the Memorial Day or Fourth of July celebration of Rockin The Docks but have heard it's great fun.  Maybe this year.  Would be great to watch the fireworks on the lake.

July 2013
Go visit Delano Daylilies in Delano, TN.  Just a few miles from Etowah.  Beautiful flower bed after flower bad of Daylilies.  A wonder to walk around and just browse/admire.  Go ahead and buy one while you're there.  Anyone can plant just one, right?  It's worth it.

June 8, 2013
Dig in the Dirt!
Don't garden?  Doesn't matter.  Just pick a little place, hoe away the grass and weed (the hard way), shovel some dirt, dig a hole, plant a flower or bush or shrub, push in some garden soil. water, pat.  Work at this a little each day and wow.  You're in shape!  And you have a pretty garden.  Well, maybe not a pretty garden but you've been outside in the fresh air, sunshine, moving around and burning calories.

May 30, 2013

Pretty weather!  
Think it's time for a cheeseburger and fries from Tellico Beach Drive In and a long sit by the river while enjoying.

May 23, 2013
Memorial Day Weekend 
Holiday to remember those who died serving in the United States armed forces.Spend time with the family this weekend.  It's supposed to be absolutely gorgeous weather.  Great weekend for camping, working in the garden, hiking, biking, boating, playing some corn hole, trail riding the horses, riding through the mountains....anything outdoors in the pretty weather.  If you go to Tellico Plains make sure to stop at the Tellico Beach for some ice cream after being out in the heat all day.

April 27, 2013
Find a spot to watch UFC 159.  Chael Sonnen vs Jon Bones Jones.
Can't wait!

April 26, 2013
Relay for Life
Hiwassee College, Madisonville, TN
6:00 pm

The journey to end cancer starts with a single step. The American Cancer Society invites you to take that step with us by joining the global Relay For Life movement. When you walk to end cancer at a Relay event, it's your opportunity to not only honor cancer survivors and remember loved ones lost, but also to raise awareness about what we can do to stay well from cancer and raise money to help fuel the world's largest walk to end cancer.

April 20, 2013
University of TN Orange and White football game is Saturday:
UT Orange and White Game

April 19, 2013
University of TN girls softball game.  The team is doing pretty good.  Got to get to a game soon.
University of TN Softball

April 2, 2013
Just heard the Buffalo Fish are running at Citico Creek.  Never seen it?  Only lasts a few days.  Better hurry if you want to watch the fish head up the creek from Chilhowee Lake to spawn.  

The most important holiday in my mind.
Enjoy the three F's this weekend- Family, Friends and Fun.  Go to church on Sunday to worship what HE has done for us and continues to do.  Promises made, promises kept.

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Weekend of March 22, 2013
The Tennessee Reining Horse Association is having a reining horse show in Harriman, TN Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Free Admission.  Vendors on site.  
Show schedule at Tennessee Reining Horse Association

The Nashville Predators play the Columbus Blue Jacket in Nashville, TN.  Tonight's special event is Hockey Fights Cancer Night.  Can't go to the game, (like me), watch on Directv channel 644.


March 19, 2013
Nice weekend coming up.  Great weekend for the mountains.  Go to Cades Cove for the day.  Lay around with a picnic, hike some trails, rent a bike and bike the Cades Cove Loop, hike to the Falls, explore the Cove roads, cabins, churches, barns and store.  
3/18/13 Chris &
I visited the Cove

March 16, 2013
UFC GSP vs. Diaz!!!!!  UFC 158

March 12, 2013
Watch the Nashville Predators play on Directv Channel 644 March 12, 14 and 15.

March 9, 2013
Things to do this weekend in East Tennessee?  Well the biggest and best is to remember to reset your clocks Saturday night.  Spring and longer days are on their way!!!!

Gorgeous weekend is predicted East TN!!!  Great day to drive through the Tellico Plains mountains and stop for a cheeseburger or hot dog (with famous slaw) at Tellico Beach.  Sit by the river and enjoy!  Also while in Tellico pick you up a cininamen bun at Tellico Grains Bakery for breakfast tomorrow.  They are my favorite!
 I have been potting some roses and flowers this winter.  I'm thinking this is the perfect day to sit them out on my porch to soak in some real sunshine.  My window seals just aren't the same.

Knoxville Boat Show is this weekend.  It's a fun event even if you don't have a boat.

Nashville Predators have a big game tonight at home in Nashville against the Minnesota Wild.  Can't go? (Like me.)  Watch on Directv channel 644 or 644 HD.  I'm really excited about this game.  If you follow hockey you know this is the team one of our and one of the top defensemen in the National Hockey League ran to once his became an unrestricted free agent.  The way he went has left a bad taste in many Preds fans.  Nashville has played the Wild a couple of times this season but this is the first game at home in Nashville.  Should be interesting..... 

It's so pretty out maybe I'll decide to go to the Knoxville Zoo or Cades Cove since this is going to be a gorgeous weekend and too nice to be inside.

Last week of February.......
Nothing to do but be busy.......... 

February 15, 2013
Go by Benton's Smoky Mountain Country Hams and pick up something to cook for Sunday afternoon dinner.  What could be better this weekend than a hickory smoked country ham, fried potatoes, cornbread and soup beans?  That doesn't sound like it'd hit the spot?  What about breakfast for supper?  One of my favorite meals.  Benton's has some of the best bacon there is-hickory smoked country bacon.  Fry some up, cook some biscuits, scramble some eggs, make some gravy and then mix up some peanut butter and jelly to dip your biscuits in. (Well, no one else but me will want that.  You can stick to sawmill gravy on top your biscuits.  Or make some chocolate gravy.  Chris loves chocolate gravy, but me, not so much.)

Benton's Smoky Mountain Country Hams is easy to find in Madisonville, TN.  Benton's is located on HWY 411 between Madisonville and Vonore.  

February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day!
Dinner? Roses? What about something different? 
*Type up a flyer on colored paper and stick under their windshield wiper or in car door. They will think it's some sort of junk paper for a local something-or-other but will realize it's a special love note. (If your loved one doesn't wad it up and throw it in the backseat before reading that is!  Keep a copy at home to share later just in case.)
*Give your loved one a CD of their favorite band or singer while they were in high school.
*Build a fire in the back yard and roast hot dogs.
*Don't just buy a box of chocolates.  Buy ingredients and cake mix or cookie dough and make dessert together.
*Hold your loved one one the couch while you watch your favorite TV show or a movie you'd both like. Play with their hair-everyone likes their hair played with.
*Surprise your Valentine by visiting the place your first met or first date or the place you were engaged.
*What was your first meal on your first date? Re-create!
*Go to the Knoxville Ice Bears hockey game over the weekend.
*Do something you'd never, ever do! What you may ask?  I don't know. I don't know things you might never, ever do.  Hmmmm...for me?  Take Chris to the rock climbing wall at the bicycle shop in Knoxville, do a zip line, ice skate at Skate Date Feb 15 Icearium in Knoxville......
*Surprise your Valentine by picking them up for lunch. Go to the Lamp Post for a burger, Bert's for a pizza, The Beach for a hot dog and ice cream by the river, Bradley's for BBQ, Checkered Flag for a burger, Countryside for fish, Tellico Grains or Henry's for a sandwich, try the new place called Flavors (haven't yet but really wanting to!), Nut-n-Fancy Restaurant in Tellico Plains, Tellicafe, Town Square Cafe & Bakery (wanting to try), Donna's-love the buffet and the burgers, The Patio for some Italian, Davis Restaurant (YUM), Gondolier in Sweetwater, Dinner Bell (YUMMY YUMMY), Hunters, Sloan's in Vonore for a burger.....Monroe County has sooooo many great restaurants.  I've not listed half.  You can have a great, great meal without having to spend half your evening in the car. Plus you help local businesses and keep tax monies in Monroe County.

February 5, 2013
It's going to beautiful the next couple of days in East Tennessee! Go ride a bike....or go hike the mountains in Tellico.... End your day by having a Tellico Beach cheeseburger or hotdog while sitting by Tellico River.  Make sure to get some world famous slaw on your hotdog.  Tellico Plains information.

Weekend of February 1, 2013
Stay out of the cold!  Brrrr......  But if you have a four wheel drive take a trip to Tellico Plains to Bald River Falls and up Cherohala Skyway  Because of the heavy rain recently you cannot drive all the way across the mountain from Tennessee into North Carolina.  But if there is snow up there it's worth the part you can drive.  News about the landslide: Knoxville News Sentinel

February 9, 2013
Tellico Boxing Club, Tellico Plains High School
7:00 pm Tellico Plains, TN
Tellico Boxing Club

Week of January 28, 2013
Temps up near 70 this week with some chances of rain.  Things to do in East Tennessee?  Anything this week that is outside!  It will be cold and yucky again before we know it.

Organized mountain bike rides and free demo ride if you are thinking of purchasing. Scott's Bicycle Centre in Cleveland, TN. If you haven't tried mountain biking try it.  East TN has some of the best trails around with all levels of difficulty. It's easy to find trails for beginners.

January 25, 2013
Knoxville Ice Bears ice hockey game. 7:30 pm Knoxville, TN.  Not sure we'll be going with the weather being so cold.  I think I'd rather snuggle up in a quilt on the couch and read a book tonight.  But if you haven't been to a Ice Bears game make sure to go to one this season!

January 24, 2013
Well, there is a ice storm heading toward East TN tonight.  So what to do in East TN?  Go to Bert's Hometown Grill in Madisonville, bring a Alamo Chicken Pizza home and watch the Nashville Predators at 8:00 pm. Hopefully the power won't go off!  But if it does you'll have some great leftover pizza for breakfast.

While it's freezing cold this week in East Tennessee remember the new season of The Ultimate Fighter starts January 22, 2013 on FX.  Should be a great season with Chael Sonnen vs. Jon Bones Jones.  Make sure to have some Propel ready and pop some popcorn.  Preferably the kind the Boys Scouts sell.  If you haven't had that you don't know what you're missing! I'm a popcorn connoisseur and I know good popcorn.  It's the best!  Meanwhile back to may be surprised to hear, Chris and I will be rooting for Chael.....

Broken City 
January 21, 2013.
Go see a movie.  This week is going to be nothing but cold.  What can beat Marky Mark vs The Gladiator???

Third Day
In concert in Chattanooga at Abba's House April 21, 2013. Yes. Please.  I've seen Third Day several times in concert through the years and they are always great! Love, love, love Third Day!

(Photo: My nephew Colton, great niece Chelsea, me, niece Amber. My hair wasn't all the 
way grown in but I so wore and rocked my old Third Day tee!)  I think all three are going 
back with me this year.  Maybe a Third Day concert can be a Aunt/Nephew/Niece Tradition 
and Baby Jack and Mallie Belle can join us when they are old enough.  And maybe, even 
maybe, I could convince Jamey, Bella, Jessie and Tanner.  That would get 
almost all the nieces and great nieces, nephews and great nephews included.

January 19, 2013
2013 Eskimo Escapades. Knoxville, TN at Volunteer Landing to benefit the Patricia Neal Center, Dream Connection and the Adventure Amputee Camp
Something different and fun!
For more information or to register for event visit
2013 Eskimo Escapades
2013 Eskimo Escapades

January 12, 2013
This weekend try a cheeseburger at the Lamp Post in Madisonville, TN.  Or anything on the menu.  It's all great.  Including an amazing breakfast.

I had a cheeseburger for breakfast this morn!

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