Sunday, January 4, 2015

Chris's Birthday 2015

I think Chris had a good 42nd birthday.   We had lunch at Rafferty's in Knoxville with best buddy Packy and his girlfriend April.   Afterwards we went to the new outdoor store REI.  Very nice store.

Nicely designed building. 

Love the door handles. 

"Frozen" bike helmet.  Awww Mallie

Chris did have one disappointment.  After a trip to the Apple store we still cannot upload his horses for sale videos from our camera to the Mac.  He's very discouraged.

Barn Chore Help

The "kids" and I did all the barn chores this morning so Chris could sleep in on his birthday.


I'm thinking of writing a book of memories from my husband and his buddy Packy's youth antics.   The things they did.....wish there had been Go-Pros.....


Nearly 40,000 views!!  That's a lot I reckon. Although no telling if anyone is enjoying their visit.  No one leaves comments....

Chris's sister's birthday


Chris and sister Bridget 

Our niece Amber and nephew Colton 

Our nephew Colton