Friday, September 19, 2014


It's very hard putting words to paper.  This is not meant to be a bitter post.  I hope you'll please keep that in mind..

WARNING!  It's "Pink'ofit" time.  (Or what I call it.)

October is almost here and millions of people are planning and purchasing their pink items for "Breast Cancer Awareness Month".  Many put more money and thought into clothes and accessories for this than into Halloween.  (Good thing in my thinking. Money better spent. Although Halloween is fun!)

Before you buy a pink product ask:  how does the purchase benefit someone in treatment for breast cancer?  How about survivors?  Does the profit go toward research or national programs or local?  And where do I want my money to go or how to be spent?  Does it spread awareness?  And by awareness I mean so much more than the coined "breast care awareness"!  

Thank goodness people are indeed so aware these days. It's a hard worked for victory.  But instead of awareness (for everyone is aware there is such a thing of breast cancer) let's have "breast cancer education month".  Or at least think of October as such.  How many know there are several types of breast cancer; that there are treatment options for some cancers that do not have to include a bilateral mastectomy or chemotherapy or radiation; what the symptoms are; to not put your total trust in a self exam or mammogram; the pitfalls of some things about hereditary breast cancer (my opinions anyway.)

The reason to think deeper than a coffee mug that is pink or blouse with a cute pink bow is what I call "Pink'ofit". 

Unfortunately there are dishonest thieves in the world who will use any means to gain profit.  And unfortunately many are using pink to prey on the fears of women.  Pink is big business!!!  There individuals and businesses who prey upon women who are afraid of someday having breast cancer.  Or the grief of those who have experienced breast cancer or love someone who has suffered from or died in order to turn a profit.  Disgusting.  Please do not assume when you purchase something pink or an item with a pink bow that a breast cancer cause is being helped.

Be careful.  Be a wise shopper.  Be aware breast cancer is so much more than pink....