Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wasabi's with Staff

One of my employees will be starting her new job as Vonore City Recorder on Monday.  I'm very excited and proud of her for accomplishment.  It has been wonderful working with Courtney and 
we will sorely miss her.

My office staff went to Wasabi's in Knoxville after work today to celebrate Courtney's new job and to spend some fun, last time as coworkers.

Four of the most dedicated, hardworking staff a person could ever dream of.  It's such a pleasure working with and spending time with them.  Jennifer (Tax Relief Coordinator) couldn't be with us and she was missed!  Left to right: Ashley (Chief Deputy Trustee), Courtney,  Lucy and Bridget (Deputy Trustees)


Courtney and Bridget

Courtney and Lucy

Me and Court

Courtney and Ashley

Lucy, me and Ashley


I can never tell or show them enough appreciation for their dedication.  My staff doesn't miss work other than vacation days.  I can depend on them to always be there.  I can also depend on them to go over and beyond their job duties in order to help one another and keep the Trustee's office a reliable service to community.   The proof of their greatness has really been evident in the past four years as I battled breast cancer and still continue my battle with after effects of the cancer.  During a sick and very scary time in my life there was one thing that helped keep at least some stress off from me.  My staff stepped up and worked hard and were knowledgeable enough that the times I was out sick or having surgery I didn't have to worry about the office because I have the most trustworthy workers one can dream of.