Saturday, August 23, 2014

Election Night

Me and the great nieces and their dad the nephew.

Jennifer, a pole worker and my nephew's wife.

Pole Workers

Counting some votes.

A precinct vote arrives!

Cory Russell

Allison from the property assessor's office and

Marty Cook, Circuit Court Clerk.  It
was a LONG day!

Margie Cagle

Charles Kennedy, Constable

Richard and Kelly Kirkland

Lowell Russell

Brian Hodge "Worm"

Great niece Bella



Silly girls.  It was a LONG day!

Flower Hunting

I love Tennessee Passion Flowers!

Just regular Daisies?

Bumble Bee on a TN Passion Flower.


I'm so behind on my postings.  It's not that I don't have things to write about or photos from events.  I do.  In fact I'll be posting things going on in my life soon.  Most are at least a month old.  But I want to add.

One reason I've not posted is the world seems to be on fire.  It's really gotten to me.  I could write a hundred blog posts with thousands of thoughts, however, most might, well, not be wise to put into words.  But ya want to talk about them, I'll sure sound off.

Two things I've not posted:

Met Lamar Alexander at the Jim Miller Memorial BBQ.

Governor Haslam visited Monroe County to award two grants.  VERY
exciting!  At least if you are into politics it was.  Lots of security, a Governor
in Madisonville.  Best part, money for our county.  Loved it!


Can you believe it?  I actually found a coke with my name on it!!!