Thursday, February 26, 2015

Driving on snow covered roads.

While coming home on Old Athens Rd I told Chris if we were going to hit a ditch he better hit one near someone's house we know......

Where is the road....

I'm not even going to ask him how he knows where the road is on Old Athens Rd. 68 highway was scary enough....rumble strips my foot.....ditches are the only road boundaries on back roads.

Rumble Strips

"How do you know what side of the road you're on??? I can't see any lines." (going down highway 68.)

"Because of the rumble strips.....see....traction."

Eek. Jerk.

Uh Oh. Big snow moving in.....trying to get home...

"Chris!!! Don't get so close to that car!  They aren't as good as a driver as you are!"

Chris "I like how you said that" as he slowed down

I know how to build up that ego to slow the car down.

Favorite Snow Pictures This Week

My great niece Mallie Belle with her pig tails, fleece, 5 tutus, leggings and cowboy boots. I don't what part is my favorite.....

My nephew Tanner on a sled. One of my favorite photos of him.