Thursday, December 11, 2014


Beagle showed up a couple of months ago. Chris named him Trouser. Sweet beagle who needs to be gelded.  He might fit in here but....he hunts rabbits ALL night.  Would love to find a forever home for him to be a companion animal.  His left back leg is perhaps broken or has been before.  He isn't suitable for hunting.  Chris has been working on him with a lot of stuff.

The Walking Dead car

Anything that puts "The Walking Dead" on it is going to be a hot sell!

Babe-The Aussie that started it all....

This photo of photos didn't turn out well.  But this is me and my nephew Jamey with 
my sister Sharon's (Jamey's mom) dog Babe in the early 1970's.  Then again
with Jamey and I in high school when Babe was very old.  Babe helped start the Aussies of Sharon's Cobblestone Kennel.  Amazing lineage of Australian Shepherds.  
What a dog Babe was and what a legacy she created.  Sharon's kennel has grown and grown.  She is very selective in her breeding program and about placing puppies in homes to suit--pet, show conformation, herding competition, agility trials, etc. Sharon's have excelled in every area.

Visit Sharon's Cobblestone Australian Shepherds at:

Recent Litter Aussies

My sister Sharon has raised high quality Australian Shepherd dogs since 1971 I believe.  She is plans litters and is very selective on which dogs she breeds and where they are placed--show homes-conformation or herding, companion pet, working dog on a farm.  Cobble Stone Kennel raises some of the very best Aussies.

Great niece Bella


Australian Shepherds

Tanner and I overnight in Nashville for the Predators/LA Kings game

We're off!
Guess who forget tooth
paste and brush?
Lunch at Wendy's on way to Nashville.

We arrived in Nashville around 3 and decided to check in a hotel at the Mt Juliet exit.  We checked into one and went to the room.  NO TV.  Tanner must have TV!  Me to!  We'd have several hours in the room and Tanner loves TV.  So I got our money back and we went to a nicer hotel which had TV

We picked up some McDonalds after the game.  Tanner wasted
no time turning that TV on!!


Captain Shea Weber. Tanner's fav.
Enjoying the game!!!  So much!
Penalty Box-We were right behind!

                                        Heading home!

I can take NO more fast food......

Frosty ugh NO more!

Never fails.  He's out.
Love trips with my nephew Tanner......

Chris's Family Thanksgiving 2014

Nana feeding her grandson

Good ole dangerous game of "Spoons".
Only a few bloody scratches this time. 
No broken tables or chairs!

Torture game.  Who can outlast the other.
You have to hold on while being shocked. 
First person to let go loses.

YUM time!

Torture game.  Who can outlast the other.
You have to hold on while being shocked. 
First person to let go loses.

Torture game.  Who can outlast the other.
You have to hold on while being shocked. 
First person to let go loses.

Thanksgiving 2014 It used to be rolly-bat......................

Thanksgiving 2014 at my sisters Sharon's house.  We had a lot of fun catching up. And enjoyed a delicious breakfast for supper.

My sister Sharon and her two grandkids (my great nieces) 
Chelsea and Bella

My great niece Mallie Belle

Mallie and Pa

My nephew Jamey. Yes. He is older than me.
Ten months.  When we were kids we fought like brother and sister!
Jamey would tell me the aunt was supposed to mind the nephew.

My two sisters.  Sharon and Lynette.  "Nan" is
holding her grand-baby Mallie Belle.

Greg taught Chris and Jennifer his
secret award winning homemade 
biscuit recipe.

My great nephew Jack. Love the hair!

Jack playing with my sister Sharon's aussie pups.

Jamey and my niece Jessie cleaning.   I was too busy playing
hide and seek with the kids to help clean.  hahaha

"Nan" and Mallie Belle

Talking biscuits

Me and Christopher

Mallie Belle watching herself dance.

I love, love, love spending time with my family.  But Sunday afternoon dinners and holidays at our house with two tables full of family members dramatically changed after my mom died in 1990.  Or at least for me.  But I think the others as well.  Up until that time when the 12 or so of us who would have weekend or Sunday dinners and during holidays NEVER stayed in the house.  Everyone was always outside playing volleyball, rolly-bat, softball, badminton, sitting on the porch swing and sitting in chairs in yard while chatting.  And during the chaos of fun the kids would be running in and out of the house, hearing as they went the scream from some adult: "don't slam the screen door!!!"  Real screen doors, the real ones?  There is NO way to keep them from slamming.  I've tried.  Well. Tried a little....

Where did those times disappear too?  Why? I can sit around and yearn for those years.  I yearn for my momma.  She held the family to the traditions.

Now we get together much less often.  We have dinner on a holiday.  Sit and talk and I play with the kids a little.  We don't go outside.  It's depressing to me-looking back at the memories of the loving fun from childhood and compare it to what we do today.  Why doesn't anyone want to play roll-bat anymore.....

Nashville Predators Catfish

PETA sent a letter to the Nashville Predators after a catfish was thrown onto the ice after a goal against the LA Kings a couple of weeks ago.  This isn't the first time a catfish has hit the ice.  It's a kinda tradition since around 2003.  Sorta like Detroit Red Wing's octopus.  Read about the catfish toss and the PETA letter at:

Throwback Thursday. 1991 Chris's Senior prom.