Saturday, April 26, 2014


Courtney and David were married today.   Wow what a gorgeous bride she made.  I'll share a few photos later. It's off the the lake for now.  Maybe I'll take a few there to share as well.

A Truth Worth Learning

Revenge and justice are never the same thing..........

                                          Maybe I'll expound someday..........

Tanner and I Easter Morn

Photo of my nephew Tanner and I Easter morning at McMinn Co High School.  His family church has an Easter drama, preaching and singing each year on Easter.  It was wonderful.


More helpful links to vitamin D research articles:

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What's up with D?

Vitamin D.  The "sunshine drug".  It's the only vitamin I stay educated on because my oncologist stresses to me.  ( I really need to be concerned with calcium as well.)  D is directly related to decreased breast cancer recurrence and decreased mortality rates among many other health benefits.

I do not take an over the counter supplement as you can have too high vitamin D levels which is dangerous.  But you can also have too low.  Be careful either way.  I let Dr. Charles, (the best oncologist in the world in my book), decide what I need.

A blood test can keep you informed of your vitamin D and if they are at healthy levels or not. (Most people have enough vitamin D from sunshine.)  I believe the healthy number is around thirty?  Mine will hover around fifteen at least once a year.  So 50,000 iu once a week for three months puts me around twenty eight.  I never hit thirty but that's fine.  Twenty eight is a good level.

So talk to your doctor about a yearly vitamin D check.  Would probably be easy to have done at same time of having cholesterol checkup if you have that.

The below link is a pretty good article on vitamin D.  Very informative.

Understanding Vitamin D