Wednesday, March 25, 2015

First trip to Dollywood 2015

Ok. I ran out of quarters and was trying to keep Mallie busy while Jessie and Jack rode the River Rampage.  Sooo...I let Mallie pick up leftover over duck/fish food on the bridge.  What are great aunt's for?

Jack drying off after cold River Rampage.   
Problem?  It was broken. 

Dollywood tram

Love Dollywood but experienced the craziest,  rudest people today in all of my days spent at the park. Trying to catch the tram for a ride to our car out in no man's land we basically got pushed out.  Two women with little kids.

As we watched the first tram leave I turned to Jess and said, "what happened to women and children first?"  Jessie said, "Yeah, if we'd been on the Titanic we'd have drowned watching the lifeboats float away."

By george Littleman Jack made sure we got on the next! I was kinda over being polite and was ready to elbow my way onto the next tram when little Jack scurried underneath me and jumped in a seat.

Funny, but not.