Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lonely for Emma....

Emma Lee Hull. Im so so so longing for her tonight. Im lonely for her. Blessed mother of Bridget Hull-Sledge Chris Hull Steve and Perry. 2nd mom to me. And I hope her children feel I am a sort of sibling to them. Amazing love she possessed toward grandchildren. Tressa Hull Bailey Colton Sledge Amber Joslin, Sarah Ballentine ,Carrie and others.

Missing her immensely tonight as all do everyday. Five weeks!! Has it been five weeks?! Where does time go???? She was always, always, always, there for me.

I still wait and listen for her nightly phone call. I still peek out my office window, waiting and wishing to see her creep by in her black car trying to see thru the building if we were working. I worried she'd cause a car accident driving so slow!

Emma so funny. If she didn't see Bridget's car she'd call the office to ask where Bridget was.  And vice versa about my car. She'd always ask "who's working today".

I always waited for her scolding when bad weather was heading our way.  She'd fuss at Chris to stop riding horses and for us to leave that barn and get inside our house.  Oh, she will always be so loved by so many family and friends.  And so greatly craved for. So many more memories.......