I love music...

I love music.......all kinds of music.  My tastes have always and continue to be very eclectic.  I listen to and like Top 40 radio but also love to find new, different music as well as things from years ago.

Here are some of my current favorites as well as some old.  (I don't necessarily like the videos for some.  But the songs.)

Check back often for updates.  There is always new songs I'm hearing and want to share.

Lykke Li "I Know Places"

The Heavy "Short Change Hero"

The Heavy "What Makes a Good Man?"

Pop Evil "Trenches"

Lea Salonga (the best voice for the song) 
"On My Own" from "Les Miserables"

Charm City Devils 
"Man of Constant Sorrow"

The Moody Blues (love them) 
"Nights in White Satin"

David Loggins 
"Please Come To Boston"

Michael Martin Murphy
When I went to my sisters house I'd put their
headphones and listen to this song over and over and over
again on their record player.

Chris Knight "Down the River"

Jaymay "Never be Daunted" 

Annasay "Winter Air"

"Cats" "Memories"

Gary Jules "Mad World" 

Matt Maher "Hold Us Together"

Neko Case 
"I Wish I Was The Moon"

Sarah Mclachlan "Answer"

"This Life"
"Sons of Anarchy"

"Son's Gonna to Rise"

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