Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Age and Birthdays

Age.  I've never worried about my age, growing older, or telling my age. (I turned 43 yesterday by the way.)  As I talked about age and aging to someone close yesterday a comment was made about turning 50 and being thankful to have done so.  Many have not made it to 50.  So I'm thankful to be turning 43.  Birthdays could have ended for me in 2010.  And so, once again, a reminder it's "Breast Cancer Awareness month"!

My 43 birthday at "Painting with a Twist" with close friends.

Cousin Sarah and niece Amber.

Stacy. Hard at work.

Sorry Kasey.  Can't help with that.

Loved the hair dryer.  Wanted to take home.

Passion meter test.  I failed.  Michelle did GOOD tho.

Pretty cool Patty!

My final piece!

What it should have looked like...

My painting turned into a giant birthday card.

My cousin Sarah did great!