Saturday, April 5, 2014

Duct Tape

Only around here.   And we call it Duck Tape.  Or at least I do...


Believe it or not I've now watched "Divergent" three times at the movies.  I've helped the box office! And the popcorn stand!

Chris and I went to see the movie the first week. My niece, two great nieces and one of their friends went this week during the kid's spring break.  Tonight my sister Lynette and I watched in Cleveland.
My great niece Chelsea

It's a good movie.  Not the greatest ever.  But the kind I can watch over and over.  More than that I enjoy sharing things I like with the people I care about.  Pretty much the best thing in life for me is to do so. Whether it be music or movies or sight seeing.

"Divergent" was especially interesting as the main heroine Beatrice reminds me a bit of myself.  Until she gets brave that is.  I was eager to have my sister watch.  To see what she thought of the Factions.  When we got back to her house after the movie we were talking about it.  I asked her what Faction our family would belong to had we lived in times as those.  She said she wasn't sure.  I said Beatrice's Faction of birth-Abnegation.

Lynette asked because we are selfless or some words to that affect.  I said yeah kinda.  We are a public service kinda family.  And could never be Dauntless.

I told my sister I felt like Beatrice a lot of the time.  However, I said I'd be Factionless when the first initiation sort of thing that happened--climbing the train track braces!  Lynette said she could never jump out of the train.  Then I told her I would actually be Factionless when they started running after the Choosing Ceremony because I'd never keep up.  Lynette said she would never had made it through cutting her hand for the Choosing Ceremony.  Ummmm... well, come to think of it, me neither.

Yes, our family could never be Dauntless.  But some have to be as we are and I'm happy with that.  Although it would be nice to throw my hands in the air, laugh and jump, free falling, not knowing there was a net to catch me.  Maybe?  Maybe not......


Pretty much every time I walk through a doorway as I'm trying to get something done I forget what I was doing....