Monday, May 9, 2016

Mom's day 2016

Bless it.  Chris is reading the Facebook feed and said "Everyone is wishing their moms a happy mothers day".  I told him you "notice it and feel differently on this day when you don't have a mother."  Chris asked what he should write.....  " should I write something Uncle Jerry would say, like, I know you're having a blast in Heaven."  I said, "just write what you feel".

Wonder what he's writing right now?  He just asked if he could "tag momma".  Bless it....I told Chris  there's no Facebook in Heaven.

Mother's Day 2016

Good job Chris.  Beautiful pick of flowers for decorating grave for your mother's day. Irises.   She'd love that.

We also decorated mom's, dad's and my brother Gary's graves at Hopewell.  I'm not as good as my sister Lynette.