Friday, December 4, 2015


What's it going to be ladies? He at lake all summer?  He in woods all winter?  Or..... you shopping all year.

Missing my dogs....

I guess it's the story about the pit bull and owner from yesterday. I'm missing our guys really bad. This year was awfully hard. The seperate days these pictures were made were the last photos of well over 11 and 13 years with each dog - Ada Monroe and Diesel "Weisel".  Days which were terrible to come to terms with.

Several years of hoping they'd each "go in their sleep" were over.  I'm afraid we hung on to each for much longer than we should have.  Both dogs were telling us for weeks they were "ready" to go.  Especially Ada. Ever more my shadow toward the end. Those eyes begging for peace.  From grieving Diesel to her own bodily pain.

I remember so well the many times a night, when each was a puppy, jumping up from sleep to take them out to use bathroom. Curling up with a puppy at night while smelling puppy breath made it alright.  Y'all dog lovers know what I mean.....

Sometimes THE hardest thing to do is the most loving and humane thing to do.  I hope for every old dog to "go in its own sleep".  But as a owner, I hope facing that horrible decision is easier than Chris and I had. I truly feel it was an unfortunate thing we had to decide and our love for each postponed the inevitable for too long.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pit bull sits by owner. ........

Breaks my heart.  Poor guy wouldn't leave injured owner.  Diesel and Ada Monroe wouldn't have either.   Pitiful video.  The city put the dog in pound as it's illegal to own a pit in that city.

Now owner has to re-home.  I know she was breaking the law.....But it just seems unjust in a way.  So many dogs in pounds that can't get homes sit there.  This poor guy who is loved and loves has to be relocated to somewhere bullys aren't illegal.  Owner can no longer own.  Geez.  Don't hate the breed. Bad owners create bad dogs-of any breed.

(This is NOT, NOT a political post about pound animals or bullys, after all, I'm looking for registered puppy, not pound.  So I've no room to judge. DO NOT respond to this post with hate of either the bully breeds or the laws!  They will be deleted.  I'm just saddened and venting.

Oh, remember Petey on "The Little Rascals"?  He was a bully breed and everyone wanted a Petey. Or at least I did...)


Ouch!   I didn't realize how bruised my elbow was until Chris came home early this morning from OKC.  Hadn't even looked.

Monday morning Trousers had, I guess, eaten a possum.  He'd vomited up a huge chunk in the barn hallway and small chunks everywhere else.  I had cleaned up the mess and ran up the steps to our mud room in the middle of those horrible downpours of rain.  Down I went.  I told the girls at work about it that day and told them we needed some no slip thingies.  I've talked about putting some down forever.

Like I said.  I didn't look at my elbow when I told them Monday but Chris sure noticed today.  He said it was quite gross.

Again.  Ouch.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My cowgirl hat...

To sell or not to sell...that is the question.   I'll never show again, and only wore the cowgirl hat a handful of timed so really no reason to keep a beautiful Serratelli in a box.  With it's 30x felt and perfect silver and rubies on the brim.


I'm a people watcher.  All my life.  When Chris is out of town and I eat alone, or even with a group I often notice that there is at least one cell phone at a table.  Usually more.  Often everyone at the table is busy typing away.  And the ones that don't, look rather miserable.  Or at least bored.

Each person, even those without phones are wrapped up in their private, busy lives.  No one interacting as families need.

Meals together are a chance for conversation between two people or more, of sharing lives, hopes, dreams, continuing and strengthening of friendship which may be dimming with the passage of time.

I wonder how many of those husbands and/or wives are spending precious, fleeting time texting someone else, friends perhaps.  The person, or people, sitting at the table in silence, waiting for conversation that may never come.  Week after week.  Out to eat or in front of a TV.

I'm afraid (because of statistics of broken homes) they are commiserating over a situation of frustration over something in their lives.  Or even the joy of a recent victory.

Instead of commiserating, (what is most often, in my opinion), by text or social media, in person or just good old fashion talking on a phone, with a "friend" male or female, about a situation, couples and families need to share events which will draw together instead of pushing apart.

A family cannot be a family if they do not choose to stay a family.

Remember,  the person or people with whom you are commiserating with will most likely be commiserating with someone else in the future.....probably about you.

Loyalty in a relationship,  any relationship should be of the upmost importance. Trusting, bonding, standing the test of time can only come from loyalty and privacy. Never by commiserating with others.

(In my ghost written book, I'll have a chapter on what I feel is the difference between commiserating, sympathy and empathy.  Personally I’ve always felt commiserating has a negative connotation whereas empathy or sympathy positive.   And one should practice empathy over sympathy.  Of course, once again my writing has verges into left field and not said what I wish to say....)

AB puppies....

I long for a new puppy.   Ever since Diesel then Ada Monroe were gone this year.  I have a deep need to love something and it love back.  I've never in my life been without a dog.

Chris isn't ready for a puppy just yet.  He's home all day so most training would fall upon him.  Even though when customers bring their dogs along for horse back riding lessons he has time for a little dog trickery. (Especially with Heelers.) But spending time working with a friend's dog is much less time consuming than your own.

I will continuing yearning and try not to be jealous of the time spent on others than a new one of ours..... (Hear that Trousers. The wallet thief and possum killing bandit.)

AB litter in California....
Aw, puppy breath...