Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Books, Books, and more Books...

I cannot do it.   Cannot.   Cannot not buy books. Chris bought a Kindle for me couple Christmas' back.  I have about 100 books on it.  But I miss actually holding a book in my hands.   I miss dog-ear'ing the pages.  And breaking the backs.  And mostly I miss reading a great book, or at least a book I think is great, and loaning it to someone to try.

This afternoon in Murfreesboro I had some free time after our classes and went to Barnes and Noble.   After much soul searching about purchasing a book (or more) or waiting to order on Kindle I grabbed three of the 1,000 or so I'd love to have.

Here are the three that came home with me:

"Not Cool"
"The Hipster Elite and Their War on You"
Greg Gutfeld

"One Nation"
"What We Can All Do To Save America's Future"
Ben Carson, MD

"Strange Fire"
"The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit with Counterfeit Worship"
John MacArthur

Quite a range of topics and writers.  But I think I'll get much out of all.  I love the authors, however I've never read Ben Carson.  Only heard him speak.

Now....to the reading.  In my olden days I could have all three of these books read by the end of the coming week.  I'm not as good of nor dedicated reader as in the past.  So....it may be a while.

Local friends.  Let me know if you wanna borrow one after I've finished.   I may share.   :)

Tennessee Trustees Spring Meeting

I'm in Murfreesboro for the annual TN Trustees Spring Meeting.   Always much to learn as each year brings new regulations.   And networking ties are created and old are strengthened.

Trustees in attendance are asked to bring a door prize.  I have not been able to attend many meetings, state wide or region in the past four years due to illness.  This is the first time I have brought along a door prize.  I'm a bit nervous as I can't remember how the prizes are, elaborate or simple.  And I'm not the type who wants to stand out!

Julie our Monroe County Tourism Director gave me many nice things from her department.  Tsali Notch Vineyard donated a bottle of Muscadine juice and jelly.  I bought a cooler instead of a basket.   I felt a cooler helps represent our county lifestyle of camping,  boating and picnics.   Jennifer in our office did an amazing job of wrapping the gift all together inside the cooler.

Here is a photo of the final project.  I'm excited for Wednesday's drawings and hope whoever wins is as tickled with it as I am the way it turned out.