Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Colton is Graduating!

Chris and I's nephew Colton is graduating from Sweetwater High School in three weeks.  I can't believe how fast time flies.  Seems like yesterday I was with Chris's sister Bridget while she labored to have Colton.  Then standing behind the doctor I watched Colton come into the world.  It was an extraordinary moment.  One of the most memorable in my life.

Here are a few photos I took tonight for the ending of Colton's senior year.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A close friend of mine is at the hospital with her Daddy.  He has pneumonia and is on a vent.  I believe he is around age 82.

My friend and I both are children of older parents.  Our Daddys knew one another well and were kin.  Cousins.  Hopewell, Soak and Corntassel born and raised.

Our Daddys came from a generation of special men. Men of character I wrote about in "Depression Ear Man".   So special that we both call them our "Daddy" way up into our 30's and 40's while most Daddys lose that title when little girls become teenagers.

Please say some prayers for my friend,  her family and her "Daddy".....

Monday, April 28, 2014


My 92 year old aunt voted.  At 92 she still cares very much about it.  The elderly still want to be actively involved in all things that affect their lives.  Voting is their voice and ours too.  I'd say Charlsie would tell us to value voting and to go do it.  Early voting ends Thursday at the election commission in Madisonville.  Election day is May 6th.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Visiting Vonore Baptist with the niece and nephew.  
Amber and Colton.

Courtney's Wedding

A few pics after the wedding.  None of the bride and groom though.  Maybe I can get a photo from Courtney.  I didn't want to snap during the ceremony.

Lake with the Cousins

It's always a good day when spent with our cousins Jeremiah and Sarah.  Disappointed my photos didn't turn out that well.  Something is up with my zoom lens.

Sarah and I.  Love her!

Here comes J & S

Surprise! Future nephew Bryce was on the
pontoon with our niece Amber.

Amber and Bo.  Bo loves the pontoon.

Suiting up!

Ready to go!

Chris liked the sunglasses J&S got at the
"Color Me Rad" run this morning.

Saw the eagle a couple of times. Makes for a great
time for me.

Doesn't quite make it....

Gorgeous night!

UGH!  My camera.  


What did people do without Smartphones
in the olden days??

Me and Christopher

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Courtney and David were married today.   Wow what a gorgeous bride she made.  I'll share a few photos later. It's off the the lake for now.  Maybe I'll take a few there to share as well.

A Truth Worth Learning

Revenge and justice are never the same thing..........

                                          Maybe I'll expound someday..........

Tanner and I Easter Morn

Photo of my nephew Tanner and I Easter morning at McMinn Co High School.  His family church has an Easter drama, preaching and singing each year on Easter.  It was wonderful.


More helpful links to vitamin D research articles:

Cancer Prevention Vitamin D

Vitamin D Increases Breast Cancer Survival Rates

Vitamin D

High Vitamin D Levels may Increase Breast Cancer Survival Rates

Why Vitamin D Matters to Cancer Patients

Low Vitamin D Level Linked to Worse Survival

Low Vitamin D Levels

What's up with D?

Vitamin D.  The "sunshine drug".  It's the only vitamin I stay educated on because my oncologist stresses to me.  ( I really need to be concerned with calcium as well.)  D is directly related to decreased breast cancer recurrence and decreased mortality rates among many other health benefits.

I do not take an over the counter supplement as you can have too high vitamin D levels which is dangerous.  But you can also have too low.  Be careful either way.  I let Dr. Charles, (the best oncologist in the world in my book), decide what I need.

A blood test can keep you informed of your vitamin D and if they are at healthy levels or not. (Most people have enough vitamin D from sunshine.)  I believe the healthy number is around thirty?  Mine will hover around fifteen at least once a year.  So 50,000 iu once a week for three months puts me around twenty eight.  I never hit thirty but that's fine.  Twenty eight is a good level.

So talk to your doctor about a yearly vitamin D check.  Would probably be easy to have done at same time of having cholesterol checkup if you have that.

The below link is a pretty good article on vitamin D.  Very informative.

Understanding Vitamin D