Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shop Vac

Lessons from a Shop Vac

Shop Vacs have input and output switches. If hooked to the wrong connection Shop Vacs will blow everything from the barn into your living room. Shop Vacs are extremely powerful to use for small areas but do not work well over an entire hardwood floor. Do not aimlessly throw hose around-pay attention-Shop Vacs cannot suck up anything in their path, such as Kleenex, curtains, socks, plastic bags, etc, even though they try and sneak the attempt by you. It's much less time consuming to use the Shop Vac on things it's supposed to clean than to have to slow down and dig out something stuck. (And who wants to waste more time cleaning than they have to?) When reaching into to corners to suck up things you cannot see you'll hear stuff going up the hose and might wonder if it was something you were missing and might need someday. Don't worry about it. Even though sneaky at times, the Shop Vac knows what to take in and what to leave behind. And if you didn't know what was in that dark corner then you didn't need it anyway. All in all cleaning with a Shop Vac is highly entertaining even if at times frustratingly slow. I highly recommend it....every four or five years. More than that and the love affair will end.

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  1. My shop vac is stuffed full of things I shouldn't suck up mostly the kids toys , legos hot wheels ,even a whole barbie doll went up once thump thump ! ,my daughters underwear they leave all over floor sometimes I'm tempted to suck up everything in my way ! I know I'm an evil mom