Friday, June 13, 2014

Nervous Wreck

Beginning of maybe the end of this year's Stanley Cup playoffs with New York Rangers and the LA Kings.

I'm a nervous wreck. I'm afraid the New York Rangers quest for a Stanley Cup since 1994 will come to a sad end.

The one good thing. The LA Kings are my third favorite hockey team. So I won't feel as bad about them winning as I would if it was the most hated Chicago Blackhawks.

Let's go Rangers!!!  Not ready for the season to end. It will be a long summer with no hockey to watch....

Family Time

All of us together for supper at my sister's.   I taught my niece some soccer moves.  I think the super star's game will be much improved for her next game.


My friend doesn't officially have his Jeep for sale but would sell it to me if I wanted. I must say I absolutely love it. The Jeep has everything I want. If I were going to buy one this is perfect because no additions need to be made. It's good to go as soon as I buy it.

My brother died in a jeep accident in 1979 when he was 27.  I was 7.  Mom and dad had Gary's Jeep repaired after the accident. The Jeep sat in our garage for many years. Daddy and I would get the Jeep out on Sunday afternoons and drive around Corntassel, Soak, and the lake.

The Jeep was promised to me when I became 16. That probably deep down bothered my mom and dad and the promise the Jeep to be mine would probably have never, ever been followed through with. 

When my nephew Jamey, who is the same age, turned 16 he had a job with no vehicle. Mom and dad allowed him to take the Jeep for his work car. With the understanding that when I turn 16 the Jeep would be mine. 

One night on the way home from work Jamey was hit by drunk driver. The Jeep was totally destroyed. The only thing that saved Jamey was his seat belt. Gary's accident the Jeep was fixable and didn't look really bad.  Had he had a seat belt on he would have probably been okay. 

I remember going to look at the Jeep after Jamey had the accident. Mom got physically ill. She probably had a flashback of Gary's death and that time and imagined what it would have been like had Jamey died. After I got a vehicle I got a small car than later a four wheel drive truck. I didn't try to get a Jeep. Mom and dad never said anything about not letting me have one but deep down I knew it wasn't right to ask.

Through the years I've wanted a Jeep perhaps to make me feel close to the memory of Gary. I don't know. But the older I get the more I want one. I do love them. Maybe the love came from watching Gary and his Jeep. Maybe the love came from driving around on Sunday afternoons spending time with my dad in Gary's jeep. 

We'll see if I get one someday.....I surely do like Tracey's.......