Sunday, March 30, 2014

Barn Fire

Coming home from watching "Divergent" Tuesday night about 12:30 am we saw a fire. The fire was so large we could see it and it was at least five miles away.  Obviously it was a home. Or in our community could be a barn fire.

Chris and I were sick all of sudden.  The fire was in the area we live.  Chris drove so fast toward home.  I said someone would have called us if it was our place.

Finally we got to our road and thank the Good Lord it wasn't on our farm.  But it was just over the hill.

We drove on.  There was a large old barn in total blaze.  No one was there.  No one had called 911. And there were neighbors to the barn I'd have thought the fire would've awakened.  So much for feeling secure someone would see our place if it caught on fire.  We have no neighbors who can see our land from their homes like those near the barn.

We sat there after calling the fire in.  A car came by.  They had seen the fire from highway 411-about four miles away.  Another came who had seen the fire from highway 68.  The direction we came from.

it was so sad watching the old hay barn go up in n flames.  Thankfully no one was hurt and the fire didn't spread.

The barn burned fast.  
It was full of hay.