Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pit bull sits by owner. ........

Breaks my heart.  Poor guy wouldn't leave injured owner.  Diesel and Ada Monroe wouldn't have either.   Pitiful video.  The city put the dog in pound as it's illegal to own a pit in that city.

Now owner has to re-home.  I know she was breaking the law.....But it just seems unjust in a way.  So many dogs in pounds that can't get homes sit there.  This poor guy who is loved and loves has to be relocated to somewhere bullys aren't illegal.  Owner can no longer own.  Geez.  Don't hate the breed. Bad owners create bad dogs-of any breed.

(This is NOT, NOT a political post about pound animals or bullys, after all, I'm looking for registered puppy, not pound.  So I've no room to judge. DO NOT respond to this post with hate of either the bully breeds or the laws!  They will be deleted.  I'm just saddened and venting.

Oh, remember Petey on "The Little Rascals"?  He was a bully breed and everyone wanted a Petey. Or at least I did...)


Ouch!   I didn't realize how bruised my elbow was until Chris came home early this morning from OKC.  Hadn't even looked.

Monday morning Trousers had, I guess, eaten a possum.  He'd vomited up a huge chunk in the barn hallway and small chunks everywhere else.  I had cleaned up the mess and ran up the steps to our mud room in the middle of those horrible downpours of rain.  Down I went.  I told the girls at work about it that day and told them we needed some no slip thingies.  I've talked about putting some down forever.

Like I said.  I didn't look at my elbow when I told them Monday but Chris sure noticed today.  He said it was quite gross.

Again.  Ouch.