Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Oncologist

Tomorrow is my every six month Oncology appointment.  It's a dreaded one.  I'll have a new doctor as my beloved Dr. Charles has moved practice to UT.

A woman doc.  Hmmm...wonder if there'll be a difference between male and female oncologist for breast cancer?   We'll see I guess.

The appointment will be quite, really awful. Dr. Charles had been my mom-in-law's oncologist for lung cancer.  How strange it was.  Dr. Charles my doctor since 2010 then in 2013, I believe the year, Dr. Charles had become Emma Lee's as well. Six months ago we scheduled our appointments on the same day. I was told to schedule my next checkup in six months.  My mom-in-law was told she was terminal.   Her cancer was back and had spread from her lungs into liver.

Emma is 79.  She'd not wanted chemo after having half her lung removed.  I guess it was from memories of her precious sister, whom she spoke with everyday, dying of terminal breast cancer in 2011ish. Memories of pain and suffering.

(Forgive me of unsure years. I'm horrible at remembering dates. To me most dates are of moments best left not to be relived.)

So. Tomorrow is a double whammy.  A new doctor. But more importantly a visit to the office that fateful day six months ago....

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