Wednesday, January 7, 2015

High School Pizza

I loved this pizza in high school!   I made sure I was at the back of the line so I could buy another for $1.

Trivia Night

Word of advice.   When eating at The Brewery on Wednesday Trivia Night and you're not playing don't say answer out loud, even if it's just among your table. 

They don't like that.....

Broken Tooth

The ole man broke another tooth.  I thought he'd die last summer with the other.  This one was worse but seems he's handling it better.

What will we do when he's gone....

The Bachelor. .. again. Again?

I'm watching the premier of "The Bachelor " alone.  Chris is not here to force me and I'm missing someone to make catty comments to.  I hate this show.  Why am I watching these perfect women.  Perfect women having meltdowns (cattiness).

Below is the link to a post I'd written about being the best contestant ever after Chris told me I'd be the worst.  And I do mean "contestant ".  Well.  They are.  (No cattiness.  Only truth in that statement. )

The Bachelor. Again.