Thursday, April 24, 2014


My great niece Bella played soccer in Sweetwater tonight.  She had her mom text me yesterday to make sure I knew she was playing a local game.  The game ended in a tie. 4 to 4.  Bella's very last game of the year is in Cleveland tomorrow night.  She kept asking me to come after today's game.  I may.  We'll see.  I hate to not go.  I've not watched her play often.

Bald Eagle

I love spotting the bald eagles while at the lake.  Timmy was with us earlier this week on the boat when we saw this one.  The eagle was too far to get a good picture.  But I tried.  


When did neighbors change to people who live next door?

Neighbors.  We had neighbors growing up in Corntassel and Hopewell.   In fact our next door neighbors had a key to our house and vice versa, in case of an emergency.   The word neighbor implies a certain amount of intimacy and closeness. Friend.  Family.

Nowadays many people do not know those living around them.  Those do not say neighbor. They say "people who live down the street" or "people who live next door" or "people who live across the street" and so on.

My.  How times are a changing.  Ronald McDonald has ran away with the neighbor...