Friday, March 25, 2016

Six yrs ago

Its been 6 years.  Good Friday.  Six years ago today came the "call".....eek.  I had breast cancer......  it was surreal....

That evening and night were strange.  I don't remember Chris nor I really crying.  The only thing I remember?  After 20 years together we'd never colored Easter eggs.

We went out to eat with some family.  I think.  Or maybe I cooked?  Around 10 pm Chris said "I've got to run to Walmart.  Be back soon".

He came home around 11:30 with tons of egg coloring kits.  And eggs of course.

Now, neither he or I had really boiled eggs before.  He called and woke his precious momma who gave him instructions on boiling eggs.  She asked if we had vinegar.  No, lol, he didn't know we'd need that and I'd forgotten because coloring eggs during childhood was forever away in memories.

We made due with water and the eggs had a lil color to them.  The one's in plastic sleeves looked ok.  But just ok.

I don't remember sadness that night.  There was some sort of feeling I had with Chris which was far beyond anything I'd ever felt, even during dating when all feelings of young love are fresh and vivid and new.

I can't pull that feeling up.  But my mind recalls a whiff of something I wish could have been bottled.  A whiff of something pure and special which always fades with time.

Photos are a year and half after that Good Friday phone call---last of 12 rounds of Herceptin treatment.  The 6 rounds of chemo and the radiation had ended 6 months before so my hair was growing in!  Horrible chemo curls.  But thank you Lord, treatments over and journey back to health beginning!