Monday, October 19, 2015

Pink Regulations

There are no government regulations on "pink" sales.  This video is great about educating before buying pink - interesting NFL stats. Don't waste your $$ to buy a pink product just because it has the pink ribbon and you assume all the monies support a breast cancer cause.

If I see a shirt in pink during October I'll buy it.  But if I see two different pink shirts I like in October I'll try to choose the one that at least gives some $ to breast cancer charities support.  I know maybe I'm not "choosie" enough.  But I don't trust a product just because of a ribbon or waste my $ on something pink because I feel obligated too.

One day Chris and I were shopping and the lady asked if we'd like to donate a dollar toward breast cancer research.   Chris told the poor lady, "we've donated enough".  Bless her.  She looked surprised and didn't know what he meant.

(Plus. I really don't buy much pink at all. Ha ha)

NFL is covered in pink...